Aug 032015


I’ve never been particularly into the Mission Impossible film franchise. Nothing against it, I stress, it just never really got me. Between tech that relies so heavily on “Because we say so,” that it might as well be magic and a lead character so unkillable that Wolverine would be calling BS, my interest just sort of waned. I never even saw part 4, and don’t have any immediate plans to rectify that

However, as I opined on twitter nearly a month ago, this summer has been overall pretty weak, and Rogue Nation has a pretty awesome trailer, so I was definitely open to being surprised. Plus Tom Cruise’s previous summer’s movie, Edge of Tomorrow, was pretty damned good overall. So maybe there’s some hope this movie can be good and jump in to save the summer at the last moment.

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Aug 022015

We can be the Flat Friends!

Neptune central cast

A review copy has been provided by FUNimation Entertainment

Good day, MoarPowah readers! The Inverseman here with another review, this time for the anime adaptation of Hyperdimension Neptunia. With a popular JRPG series getting an all-original anime, how does this new story compare to the games? Let’s find out!

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Jul 302015

or The Verger Family Fun-Time Hour

I promise, we’ll be getting back to episode-by-episode for the Red Dragon arc. Life just derailed things enough for the first half of this season.

In a weird way, though, I’m sort of glad it worked out this way. Because a fair number of the things that struck me about this first half I would likely risk repeating thanks to how thematically solid this first half was.

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Jul 292015

Hey y’all! This week, I’m looking at a girl group that I’ve never listened to before. SONAMOO (meaning “pine tree”) is the newest group from TS Entertainment, debuting with an “old-school hip hop” concept in December 2014. Now they’re back with a slightly different concept, so let’s take a look at “Cushion,” by SONAMOO!

sonamoo cushion cover

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Jul 252015

After spending last week with our heroes stuck in a holding pattern, this week…sort of gets things moving again.

A lot of last week’s episode seemed to run on the idea of the rest of the world moving while our core group was stuck deciding what to do with themselves. In some regards, this week is still pushing that question, but it’s at least getting things moving.

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Jul 252015


Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating property, from a lot of perspectives, but I’ve always found him exceptionally fascinating. Sherlock Holmes as been in film since literally the word go, as the first film adaptation of his work was in 1900, in a 30 second short film called Sherlock Holmes Baffled. Since then there have been dozens, perhaps hundreds of films and TV adaptations, ranging from animated, to live action, to comedy, to sci-fi to even medical drama.

I say this to give context for how hard it is to come up with a new spin on Sherlock Holmes (as filtered through my preferred medium). Holmes is the Patient Zero for a lot of common fandom stuff, including fanfiction, so basically every aspect of him has been covered, for better or for worse. So when I say that Mr. Holmes feels like an original take on the character, that’s all relative.

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