Feb 082016

Sunrise’s history in the ‘real robot’ genre has always fascinated me. As the studio that gets the credit for kicking the ball off with Mobile Suit Gundam in the first place, their docket since then has been loaded with all manner of other variations on the formula. Some trying to ride in Gundam‘s wake, others simply to make their own mark.

Some of these do pretty well for themselves and even manage to gain some franchise clout of their own (Armored Trooper VOTOMS comes to mind) others swing and miss, never meeting the full potential it feels like they’re hoping for.

Somewhere between those two extremes is the comfortable little valley that Buddy Complex finds itself in.

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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Feb 072016


Among the ranks of modern filmmakers, few cast as long a shadow as the Coen brothers. Other filmmakers may make bigger, more popular or even just more frequent movies, but no one can make movies that are quite as unique, strange and yes, brilliant movies. From the offbeat comedy of The Big Lebowski to the deadly serious No Country for Old Men, no one makes movies like the Coens.

Which makes grading their movies…difficult. The Coen brothers get to me, in a weird way. Even at their worst, I appreciate their workmanship and several of their movies have appealed to me for reasons that are either very personal or just very, very weird. But since they consistently make great films, I’ve never felt guilty about recommending one of their movies.

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Feb 052016

Well, it’s been quite some time, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, like in this series, school sort of took over my life and it’s been quiet a trial, to say the least. But I have since escaped its clutches unharmed and gotten a chance to watch a series that asks “what would it look like if we mashed together Highschool of the Dead, Lord of the Flies, and The Hunger Games“? Long story short, I am glad my experience with the educational system had a lot less neon pink blood.

Let’s take a look at Danganronpa: The Animation.

danganronpa cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

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Jan 302016


One of the most disappointing things in animation is that more adult oriented western animation often gets sidelined, if not outright ignored. For whatever reason, the west in general and America in particular has got it firmly in their head that animation is for children and thus anything that breaks that mold must not be worth considering.

Which is a damn shame, because a lot of great films have gone unseen because of this. A Scanner Darkly, Waltz With Bashir, The Illusionist, Persepolis, all of these are great films that for the most part, people just didn’t see. And I am desperately hoping that isn’t the fate that awaits Anomalisa.

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Jan 272016
So shiny, so gold...

So shiny, so gold…

Elessar: Hello and welcome to another exciting* edition of Moar Powah’s Oscar coverage. (*Excitement not guaranteed.) I am, as always, Elessar.

GuyInTheThirdRow: I’m Guyinthe3rdRow, slowly returning from pseudo-self-imposed exile, which sounds much cooler than it really is.

Starshine5050: I’m Starshine, also returning from the oblivion from the dark corners of grad school, which is definitely uncool.

Elessar: Well I have been rather definitively present on the site, and that is definitely cool. But we’re not here to talk about who’s cool or not (it’s me). We’re here to talk…about the Oscars.

Starshine5050: Ah, yes, the soon to be the whitest program on TV

Elessar:  I dunno, Supernatural got renewed

Starshine5050: And worst pop culture reference in a post goes to…

GuyInTheThirdRow: Was about to say…yeah, I can’t top that one. I’ve just been calling it the Blizzard of 2016.

Elessar: Oh I’m sure I’ll make a worse pop culture reference by the end of the post, you know me.

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Jan 262016

It was only a matter of time before Dagashi Kashi, a show revolving around snacks and candy, received its own branded treats. In the January 20th issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday, a collaboration was announced with two noodle brands from the Oyatsu Company: Butamen and Baby Star. Butamen recently made an appearance in episode three of Dagashi Kashi (see below).

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