Oct 032015


That’s right ladies, gentlemen and anyone in between, it’s Elessar’s favorite time of year; Remaketober. For those of you just joining us, who are wondering what the hell Remaketober is, every year for each week of October, I watch a horror movie and its remake, in order to compare and contrast them. These are not reviews, per say; Very little nitty gritty, no plot recaps, no scores. It may not sound like much, but trust me when I say, I look forward to this every year. So, let’s not stall anymore, let’s get straight into our first movie of Remaketober 2015: Poltergeist.

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Oct 022015

Once again, it is October, a time for scary movies and pumpkin-flavored everything whilst we try to forget the wintery inferno that swiftly approaches. But instead of the typical American fair that, while entertaining, I thought now might be a good year to look at other countries and see what awful, awful nightmares they have created. So, for this month, we will be looking at ghouls from across the globe, starting with our beloved neighbors to the north.

Let’s take a look at the Canadian zombie hit Pontypool.

Pontypool poster

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Oct 022015

Well, dear readers, it’s the first Friday of October. You all know what that means, right?

That’s right. It’s time for me to break out the shovel and pickax, shuffle off to the old cemetery, and unearth a fresh batch of RERUNS FROM THE CRYPT.

For those new to this, the set-up is largely similar – each -Friday, I’ll be looking at a short horror-themed series/season (as last year I split the bill for Twin Peaks and The Kingdom. This year it’s a full five, I promise) to do an overview writeup on.

This year, I decided to try my hand with the animated side of things to get the ball rolling. So for this run out, I’ve compiled five televised anime series of varying styles and degrees of horror.

And with that in mind, what better way to kick off the festivities then with the only series helmed by the late Satoshi Kon – Paranoia Agent?

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Oct 022015


A Preview Copy Was Provided by G.E. Gallas

William Blake is a pretty fascinating cultural figure, for a variety of reasons. While the average person doesn’t really know much about poets or painters from the 1800s, most people have heard of Blake, even if it is just The Tyger. But even more than that, he looms large over the culture at large. His Great Red Dragon paintings served as a major influence for Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, which has been adapted into 2 movies and a tv show, and his works as a whole have been cited as influential on everyone from Alan Moore to Bob Dylan.

Despite that, there hasn’t exactly been an overabundance of stories about his life, which I find odd. His life is pretty fascinating, maybe not Richard Dadd fascinating (guy went nuts and murdered his father, that’s fairly hard to top) but pretty unique. I mean, he came up with the idea for one of his paintings during a seance. He supposedly attacked a prison as part of the Gordon Riots. Why hasn’t there been more books, movies, comics, written about his life?

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Sep 262015


It’s hard to remember at this point, but there was a time when the prospect of Johnny Depp being in a movie filled me with excitement, rather than trepidation. Depp is (or maybe was? I’m not sure anymore) a great actor, with the ability to really inhabit his characters, and he’s done a lot of great movies. But the terrible quality of his recent performances, and the fact that his longtime partner Tim Burton, recovered almost immediately upon working without him, have piled up to the point where I almost wince upon seeing him in a trailer.

Still, the trailer for Black Mass had my attention, if not necessarily my faith. Depp’s biopics (Ed Wood in particular) have always been among his better films, it’s an interesting enough subject and he seemed to be reasonably restrained in the trailers (plus? No stupid hat). So I’m willing to give Depp another chance, even if he’s rapidly running out of chances.

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Sep 252015

Sometimes shows are way ahead of their time, and they suffer for it, whether the audience isn’t ready for it or the company that broadcast it had no idea what to do with it. Thankfully, now we have Netflix, which like an overactive toddler, throws everything at the wall and just sees what sticks. One such project takes a project from the sometimes-beloved sci-fi visionaries The Wachowskis and the more well-received J. Michael Straczynski, wherein the human limits are stretched in fantastic ways.

Let’s take a look at Sense8.

sense8 poster

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