Aug 272015

(I promise guys, only one more of these left and then it’s back to business!)

This turn of events is one I’d been wondering about the show’s approach to since before this arc had even begun. To the point I had even speculated on some possible ways it could have gone down.

I have to admit, saving it for the penultimate episode was a move I wasn’t anticipating, but with the way this story has built up so far, I can’t fault the logic. This episode takes one of the more famous scenes from Red Dragon and gives it all the shock and dread it needs.

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Aug 262015

Aaaaand things have escalated in a big way.

Not that it can be said this was a big shock, really. A lot of this was things that had been set up in the previous episode, but it’s still surprising to see them come to a head in this episode to the degree that they do.

This marks arguably one of the biggest shifts this part of the series has made from its source material, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t actually pretty happy with how it’s worked out so far. In many ways it’s provided a new level to the character conflicts that has made for some strong moments out of these episodes.

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Aug 252015

Just repeating from last time – yes, this IS a different episode. The similar titles are a bit unexpected, but that’s the way they set it up.

Though to be fair, I can also see part of why the two share that similar title. Besides the fact that all of the episodes in this arc are taking their name from the Blake paintings that have inspired Dolarhyde’s alter ego, this continues the previous episode’s work establishing the new relationship he has formed with Reba.

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Aug 242015

The countdown continues as we’re now less than one week out from the end.

Well, it’s nice to see no love was lost over the past three years.

After last episode’s bringing us up to speed and setting the scene, this week isn’t quite as hard-hitting on the story front. In turn, however, it is playing to one of the other areas that has been a strength of the series to this point – the characters and the relationships therein.

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Aug 242015

Azure Grimoire! Lift the jinx on fighting game anime!

BlazBlue anime poster

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

The wheel of fate is turning!  What’s up ladies and gentlemen, the Inverseman here with another review. This time we’re looking at the anime adaptation of Arc System Works’ popular fighting game series, BlazBlue. With the vastness of the BlazBlue storyline, does the anime live up to the hype? Find out!

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Aug 232015

Well, I said in the overview of the Verger arc we’d be discussing the show’s fate. This wasn’t quite how I had it in mind, but it really is turning into the best way to go with this.

By this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that NBC has pulled the plug on renewing Hannibal after this season. It’s with this in mind that I’m commencing this approach with what is shaping up to be the series finale. From this day till next Sunday, we’ll be counting down with the episodes of the Red Dragon arc. So pull up a seat the table and get ready to join me for one last meal this Saturday.

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