Apr 162015

…aaaaaand we’re back.

I’m gonna be honest, Fox. I like this show. For as many criticisms as I will acknowledge are valid about it, I’m still willing to have its back this season. But you have really gotta stop putting it on hiatuses, because right now, you’re your own worst enemies for this series.

After being put on a break for over a month, Gotham returns for the final arc of episodes for its first season run this week. I’m still trying to decide if the break was factored into the way the season was paced or not, because some elements actually played alright in the break while others are left in a pretty bad lurch as a result.

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Apr 162015

Bloodshot by Jeff Lemire

The final chapter of the Valiant Next initiative landed in stores yesterday. At last, the eagerly awaited Bloodshot Reborn #1 arrived, heralding a new take on the character from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mico Suayan. Following The Valiant’s conclusion, Bloodshot’s life has changed in drastic ways, and I, along with many other comic fans, was eager to see the next stage in this former soldier’s life.

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Apr 122015

bento anime 3

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

There is nothing more fearsome than a hungry student, especially a hungry student competing with other fellow students for a scrap to eat. Surprisingly, food fighting is the sort of running gag that has appeared several times before in anime, from Ramna 1/2 to Naruto. But Ben-To takes the food fight to a whole new level, with codes of honor, lightning fast punches, and a refreshing absence of “special” themed attacks.

Instead, Ben-To is simply a lighthearted animated romp that lives for the moment and loves fiercely the art of bento brawling without a lot of extra fluff–and to the victor of these discounted food wars, goes the spoils…

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Apr 112015


A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment.

Space Dandy! He’s a dandy guy…in space.

I’ve mentioned in the past, or meant to at least, that I’m not hugely into anime at this point in my life, and that’s true. It’s nothing against the genre (or is it a medium?) it’s just a matter of circumstance. Right now Anime moves so fast and there’s so much to see, that I usually just have to pick one or two series to focus on.

And for much of 2014, the series I was focusing on was Space Dandy. I mean, it was a comedy (good comedy animes are some of my favorites) from director Shinichiro Watanabe, late of the pretty damned good Samurai Champloo and the genre defining Cowboy Bebop (which I previously reviewed for this site). That’s a good enough pedigree to get me interested.

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Apr 102015

Philosophical movies don’t tend to be big blockbusters because, for the most part, they deal with intense and weighty themes. Films about the human condition, limitations, knowledge, and existence fill the genre, all of which don’t often include things like explosions, gun fights, near-rape scenes, and general acts of showy violence. This movie apparently tries to solve that “problem” in its own unique and confusing way.

Let’s take a look at After the Dark.

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