May 212015

Bloodshot Reborn #2 Johnson cover

Ray Garrison’s atonement continues in this week’s Bloodshot Reborn #2. Last month, Garrison, formerly the mindless killing machine known as Bloodshot, learned of a murderer who resembled his former self. Determined to prevent meaningless violence, Garrison set out, followed by visions of deceased geomancer Kay McHenry and the plucky doppleganger Bloodsquirt. Would the second issue live up to the masterpiece that was the first?

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May 192015

With the Star Wars Animated series “Rebels” reaching its season 1 finale, our friends at Marvel have decided to sate our need for more Rebels content in the intervening time until the season 2 premiere. While Kanan Jarrus may be a roguish rebel in the years leading up to the legendary battle of the Death Star, during the Clone Wars he went by a different name, Caleb Dume.

Caleb was a Jedi Padawan to Master Deppa Billaba and learned by her side on the front lines of the Clone Wars. The pair fought bravely together alongside their battalion of clone soldiers, fighting for the freedom of the Republic. This all changed on the fateful day when Lord Sidious executed Order 66, which forced all clone troopers to turn on their Jedi generals. What happened to Caleb that made him into the hardened soldier Kanan? That is what this story hopes to teach us.


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May 192015

For those of you who don’t remember, or weren’t old enough to, the particular perplexing time that was early 2000s anime, let’s me give you a quick recap. Some of it was very good, much of it was terrible, and very few of it landed in between. However, if you were an American growing up in this era, you were only now being exposed to the wide variety of anime there was to sample, and none grabbed my imagination as much as .hack//Sign. With its brightly colored character designs, haunting soundtrack, and fantastic visuals I was hooked and watched every episode and played several of the games. However, will I adore the show as much now that I’m an adult with a more (supposedly) refined palette?

Let’s take a look at .hack//Sign. 

dothacksign cover

A review copy was provided by FUNimation Entertainment

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May 172015


Of all the many, many reboots, remakes and revivals of old properties coming out this year, Mad Max was one of the odder choices this side of Poltergeist or Vacation. I like Mad Max but it’s not as well dug into the popular psyche as say Terminator or Jurassic Park, and there’s not a whole ton that sets it THAT far apart from any other post-apocalyptic action films.

Still, it’s not like I was opposed to the idea like I am to…hey, Poltergeist or Vacation. The Australian setting isn’t much, but it’s a reasonably interesting way of distinguishing it, and director George Miller’s visual style is reliably engaging. The first two are considered classics for a reason, and I’ve always been fond of Thunderdome, as incredibly jagged as it is. So I was definitely willing to give Fury Road a chance.

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