Dec 212014

A review copy was provided by Funimation Entertainment.

Maintaining consistent quality is one of the greatest difficulties found in an long-running shonen anime. One Piece, as one of the world’s longest running and most popular series within this genre, is not free from this pitfall. After the conclusion of the epic battle against CP9 in Season Five, we enter Season Six with the “Thriller Bark” arc.

Though I’m a fan of both One Piece and the undead as a fount for fantasy tropes, One Piece Season Six Voyage Two revealed some growing pains for the series.

one piece season six voyage two

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Dec 202014

First off, I’m honestly disappointed this movie isn’t getting a wider release.

Yes, it’s got the Video OnDemand option going for it, and I’m glad for that. At the same time, a movie like this is perfect for a dark movie theater, and if you can get to one for this, I’d recommend doing so.

But, that’s just a matter of moviegoing preferences. Now let’s get to the movie itself.

The Babadook is a movie I had initially heard of when it was gaining buzz with horror community. I had largely filed it away until finally seeing a trailer in October. After that, it was a running game to figure out when the film would be coming here.

Thankfully, the movie was worth the wait.

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Dec 202014

He's concentrating really hard of forgetting Shia LeBouf's character. We all are.

Oh don’t look at me like that. I couldn’t find a theater playing Inherent Vice, and another reviewer called dibs on The Hobbit. Plus, it is getting to be the end of the year, so it’s about that time.

So here is my guilty admission of the day: I look forward to doing my ‘Worst of the Year’ list all year. Not as much as my best of the year mind, but it’s always healthy to look back at the entirety of a year and try to nail down what was good and what was bad. But since I’ll be doing my year sum up on my Best list, I figure I should just dive in.

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Dec 192014

The not so humble Amiibo has become a point of fierce contention within the past month. Released as a series of companion toys to the fantastic Super Smash Bros, these toys have quickly sold surprising numbers. Regardless of your attitude towards the blank-eyed, often mispackaged statuettes, we can all agree that Nintendo has found a string of success with Amiibo.

Amiibo - TRAVIS - 2
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Dec 182014

Harbinger Faith #0 cover

A common criticism leveled against superhero comics concerns representation of female characters. It is a wholly accurate assessment that a vast majority of women in modern comics are presented in an overtly objectified manner, often to a startling degree. Luckily, there have been great pushbacks against this tired trope in various forms, such as the Hawkeye Initiative.

But why preface my review with this concept? Because there are examples of modern comics that are also fighting to break out of this box. Arguably the best recent example is Faith from Valiant’s Harbinger title, an overweight, comic book nerd with an uplifting personally and desire to do what’s right rather than what’s convenient. Finally, this fan favorite character has taken flight in her own one-shot, Harbinger: Faith #0!

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Dec 172014


A review copy was provided by Jim Zub.

Last Wayward issue left off with a taste of the action that was to come, and to say Wayward #5 did not disappoint is a bit of an understatement. If Wayward #4 set the ball on top of a cliff and gave it a hefty push, by Wayward #5 you discover the cliff was a mountain. Rori Lane’s journey in discovering the supernatural mysteries of Japan as well as her own powers hits home this time around.

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