Jul 042015


The Terminator franchise is an odd animal isn’t it? Now encompassing 5 movies, a tv show, 3 entirely different genres (horror, action and post apocalyptic) and wildly varying quality levels, from classic to garbage, the franchise is getting to the point where bad entries begin to degrade the credibility of the franchise as a whole. Two good entries, no matter how good, can only sustain a franchise so long.

Still, when those two original entries are classic pieces of sci-fi cinema, those two entries can sustain it longer than you might expect, but it also means that the bar for being considered ‘Good’ is higher than usual. Still, after the incredible stupidity that was Rise of the Machines and the dreary slog that was Salvation, not to mention a somewhat subpar summer blockbuster season, I was in the mood to be forgiving to Genisys…theoretically.

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Jul 022015

Last year we saw the marriage of the “Merc with the Mouth”, Deadpool, to his lady love Shiklah, and how they fought against the forces of Dracula to secure Shiklah’s throne as well as defeat the reign of the vampires. But what would have happened if Deadpool was UNABLE to defeat Dracula? In an alternate reality, what would be the outcome if Shiklah was left to fight Dracula and his armies of monsters on her own? WELL, Secret Wars, being an event filled with “WHAT IF?” scenarios, is here to give us just that!

mrs. deadpool-1-cover

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Jun 292015

I’ve been meaning to showcase this awesome video segment for “Mecha Monday” for a few weeks now. What’s great about this video is that it highlights the work of an animator, a position that often gets overlooked. The animator in question is Se-Jun Kim. Anime reviewer Canipa does a great job showing Kim’s unique style, calling him a “Modern Mecha Master.” Give it a watch, and be sure to check out some of Canipa’s other videos!

Jun 292015


When I refer to something as an indie movie, I don’t necessarily mean a movie that is independently funded outside the Hollywood system. If I meant that, I’d call them Independent Movies. I mean a style and an attitude that defines Indie Movies. Wes Anderson’s movies frequently include everyone from Tilda Swinton to Bruce Willis, but his movies are still indie movies. At the same time, Tyler Perry may write, direct, produce and star in his movies, but I still wouldn’t identify them as Indie Movies.

I should probably mention that the Indie label isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just a way of classifying a movie; Indie movies have appeared on both my best and worst of the year in the past, and have also been mediocre enough to not merit either. I merely say all this because, despite the fact that director Rick Famuyiwa has been working since 1999, Dope has a distinctly indie feel to it. I don’t know much about it’s production or background, (I only heard of the thing a few weeks ago) but it reads like an indie movie.

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Jun 252015

This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. As you can probably guess from the first half of the title, this will be my last post on Moar Powah. I’ve been writing for this site for four years, and in that time I’ve certainly improved as a writer, but more importantly I was allowed the chance to collaborate with some amazing peers. Everything I did on this site was au gratis, but the real payment was the camaraderie of my fellow writers.

I’ve been thinking about leaving for some time now. Not for any one reason in particular, but a confluence. I love talking about and reviewing comics, but as it stands it’s just become harder for me, not easier. I find myself becoming more critical of comics as I read them, trying to find a number in my head before the issue even ends. I’ve bought and read some comics I knew I wouldn’t like, simply so I could review them.

But I can’t dwell on the negatives. I still love comics, and think retiring from reviewing them regularly may help strengthen that love. That’s why, as a final post, I want to talk about Green Arrow.

green arrow futures end

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