LIFE44’s Expectations for Modern Warfare 3

Everyone knows that the Call of Duty franchise is the king of kings in the FPS genre (well for console gaming). With the highly raved Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its successor, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3 has many expectations to meet. Let’s begin. . .

For starters everyone knows of the plague Modern Warfare 2 was struck with. One. Man. Army. Danger. Close. Noob. Tubes. These were the scourge of the game and more importantly explosives. With overpowered weapons and the addition of Stopping Power every gun was made even (except the F2000, that was a piece of sh*t) and explosives added to the drama. Mass lunges to the melee system (examples here and here) was a huge problem but all these problems, including hackers, were a bridge to Treyarch’s Black Ops.  Now personally, I find that Black Ops is a slow, boring game, while others find it the best CoD they have ever played. I loved Modern Warfare 2 even with all its troubles and Modern Warfare 3 needs to jump on that boat…but not entirely.

Modern Warfare 3 – To do list (in no particular order):

1) DEDICATED SERVERS for consoles and PC – if Gears of War 3 can do it, you can too

2) Perk selection – Introduced in CoD4, perks revolutionized the game and added that “umph” to the multiplayer universe

3) Weapon Variation – now eventually, one uses ever gun and combination out there. So to keep the game fresh make more weapons

4) DLC – this goes hand in hand with #3 but we all love our maps, but what we want is more, it’s always more. Bring the fans of the game more weapons, equipment, maps, gametypes, and anything else Infinity Ward and Activision can think of

5) Sniper fix – everyone loves their quickscopes [QS] and drag scopes [DS] and anything scopes, but quite frankly, CoD4 had the perfect combination for these sniper techniques. A balance of ADS for the snipers is perfect and needs to be reiterated

6) Start fresh – we all loved CoD4, it was new; plain and simple so do it again.

These things are just a variation of things that Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software needs to do to make what MW2 should have been, the best FPS out there, and incorporate it into their next game that is set to release this November – Modern Warfare 3.

Can't wait...November 2011

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  1. There are so many big games coming out this year!

    I do hope MW3 redeems I.W. and brings another blockbuster to the party. No doubt that once the Black Ops bonanza simmers down that Activision will be in full support of the Modern Warfare series again.

    Also, I read somewhere that Sledgehammer plans to have a "bug free" outing for MW3.

    Far reaching?

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