Halo or CoD? Comparison and Contrast

Who's side are you on?

The question has always been asked since the beginning of the Halo Universe and Call of Duty, which one is the best FPS out there?

On a personal note, I believe that Halo is a much better game. Let’s analyze this. Halo and its singleplayer campaign held a vast universe and followed the Spartan warriors into battle to save the Earth from the alien invasion of 2 different races while CoD has switched from World War 2 and the Modern era. I must say, the World War 2 story lines were quite boring, being the same in almost every way, but the Modern Warfare story line caught my attention. With the evil villain Makarov and the twists and turns the story made in Modern Warfare 2, I was on the edge of my seat. But, Halo was in every way better in the single-player front. Following genetically enhanced Spartan warriors into battle (specifically John 117 a.k.a Master Chief) fighting off hordes of aliens I was amazed with how deep the story got and how Bungie used every asset they could to enhance the story further in a not so crazy way. [Halo – 1, CoD – 0] 

Ah co-op. The lovely days of playing a game with a friend right beside you on a Saturday will never be forgotten. When co-op was finally introduced into the CoD series in World at War, I was very impressed. The co-op campaign ability never really took for me, but what really got me and the rest of the world was Zombies. Nazi Zombies, were 4 friends or randoms played against the horde to survive spending 4 plus hours to get to that 30+ mark. I must say I spent way too much time on it as opposed to any other co-op game out there. Modern Warfare 2 was quite a let down as far as co-op was concerned. Spec Ops was fun and but was way too short in comparison to Nazi Zombies. Many people anticipated Infinity Ward to follow Treyarch and continue the zombies with aliens but they let us, the fans, down. As for Halo, the campaign could always be played as a co-op mode but to be honest, co-op campaigns don’t do anything. The response from Halo to CoD’s  zombie mode was Firefight. Firefight was a wave type game and 4 people could fight their way through Covenant fleets. Halo 3 ODST brought this to us but it soon became too easy. Reach extended the Firefight mode with the addition of variations to the gametype such as rockets only or a sniper fight gametype to Firefight. Overall, I spent too much time killing hordes and hordes of zombies. [Halo – 1, CoD – 1]

Finally, we get to multiplayer. In the modern world of gaming, multiplayer is a must. Some may say that Halo: Combat Evolved was the bridge to the modern multiplayer universe and quite frankly I agree. CoD 2 was beloved by everyone for the simplicity and this was thanks to Halo. Halo set the base and CoD built on it. After the simplicity of CoD 2, Halo brought out their second addition that made multiplayer by far the best of its time. Once CoD4 came out fans were in love instantly. I for one enjoyed CoD4 so much that one could say it was truly my first online experience to a FPS. The addition of attachments and perks allowed that customizable feel and CoD4’s predecessors expanded on that front. Halo Reach answered the customizable addition that CoD gave to the community with armor abilities. In reality, multiplayers can’t be compared with each other and especially these two. They are both unique in their own way and for that they both win. CoD has the addictiveness and fast paced action while Halo has the tactics and to me, the accomplishment when I kill someone. [Halo – 2, CoD – 2]

Now by the time you are reading this you’re going to be saying they are tied and yes they are…for now. This finally paragraph will analyze the uniqueness of each game. Starting with Halo, the Forge mode brought to us by Halo 3 revolutionized multiplayer maps and gametypes far beyond what we could’ve imagined. Also, the theater mode brought by Halo 3 helped the creative minds of the community. Now CoD…well CoD didn’t really bring that much uniqueness but it did help evolve the modern FPS into what it is now.  In addition, the 60 frames per second on that game makes it a CoD title while Halo and basically all other games lack that aspect. As I’ve said to many people, Halo is a crappy game at the start that eventually evolves into a giant while CoD is awesome until exploits in the game are found. [Halo – 3, CoD – 2]

Well then, this was fun and just saying, this is MY OPINION, not the website or anyone else’s. Please feel free to leave a comment that is constructive and not a troll-ish kind. Until next time boys and girls.

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