Summer Get Here Soon!

BOING! Art by Fei Yue

Hey guys sorry for the lack of updates the past three days…been swamped with sorting out work, school, and apartment hunting. Although it’s only been three days, it feels longer. Is this what they call the joy of blogging? Oh well. Anyways, this post is sort of random…a friend of mine who happens to be the “official” artist for our site drew a quick sketch of the well-endowed bikini clad (2D) girl above with the caption “Summer is almost here (not really).” I don’t know if she was thinking the same thing I was, but with all the terrible weather here, I can’t wait for summer. I mean, it freaking SNOWED here Wednesday; where’s all the warm sunshine? Sigh…moving on, if you’re not into 2D girls, I happened to pick up the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring the lovely Russian bombshell Irina Shayk. And if you’re asking yourself whether I intentionally zoomed closer and closer on those delicious uhh “assets” of her’s, the answer is yes.  I’ve always been more of a “T” guy. Guilty as charged.

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