Bomberman No More?

Will we see the bomb chucking hero again?

Well folks, it’s official, Bomberman is dead…for now.  On Wednesday March 23rd, Hudson cancelled their upcoming Bomberman 3DS title.  It’s been widely believed that the cancellation of this title (along with other future Hudson titles) is due to Konami’s full acquisition of Hudson.  If you don’t remember, Hudson was acquired by Konami back in January but the full subsidization did not become official until now.  This news bring sadness to my heart; I’ve always been a huge Bomberman fan.  He has become one of the most recognizable video game icons with over 70 games to his name.  As my brothers and cousins will attest, their is never a dull moment playing multiplayer Bomberman.  Ahhh the memories.  I’ll be honest though; I haven’t played a good Bomberman title since Bomberman Generation for the Nintendo Gamecube, which came out in 2002.  As much as I personally enjoy Bomberman, there really isn’t much you can do to change the gameplay by throwing in a few gimmick modes; so yes I think it’s fair to say I haven’t been enthused by the recent entries in the franchise.  It’s like that with any franchise though; trying to milk it too much will only lead to stale ideas and repetitiveness.  But I was really looking forward to the Bomberman 3DS title!  Just imagine the major multiplayer griefing I could dish out…in 3D!  Well looks like those plans are on hold for now.  

Oh the good old times...

This has me getting a sense of nostalgia and wanting to play some Bomberman games.  My favorite Bomberman games besides Generation are Bomberman 64: The Second Attack (just loved the Astral Knights, and although he could get annoying, Pommy was an interesting character who added a neat pet raising system and gave the game some semblance of co-op) for the Nintendo 64 and Bomberman Tournament for the Game Boy Advance.  I’m debating whether or not to write reviews on The Second Attack and Tournament, seeing as I can easily emulate them.  I could do Generations, but the story wasn’t as interesting to me.  Anyways, from this fan, I sincerely hope Konami decides to reinstate Bomberman 3DS.  Although unlikely, a guy can hope right?

Here’s a small taste of the multiplayer gameplay, although it’s missing the oh-so-important banter which makes for many laughs.

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