Starcraft II Strategies

*Strategies in bold denote one’s added by Judge

Ah Starcraft…the beloved Real-Time-Strategy game from Blizzard that everyone loves…especially South Koreans. But in today’s world, Starcraft 2 has caught the eyes of many more people than just Koreans. Europeans and the continent of North America (Canada and America) have had players come out and compete at some of the top levels of the Korean players. Starcraft 1 and its expansion, Brood War, was a very diverse game but only had very few strategies and counters, but when Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty came, all hell broke loose. The emergence of strategies and “How-to-do” style videos came out more and more and the more patches Blizzard makes, the more tweaks the strategies get. With the next addition to Starcraft 2 a year away (give or take a few months, who knows when Blizzard will release it), Wings of Liberty still has much to do. Here are some strategies that are both funny and standard gameplay strategies for all three races:


1) 4 Gate Build – here we see the most standard of builds in Protoss, 4 gateways. Plain and simple to do and primarily focuses on offensive play.

2) 3 Gate Expansion – this is quite simply a variation of the 4 Gate but includes an expansion. This is more economically based as opposed to the 4 Gate.

3) 2 Gate Robo – this build incorporates the player to do more of a tech based play. 2 gateways and 1 robotics facility. Here powerful units can be produced like the Immortal.

4) Forge Fast Expand – here, the build incorporates a forge to build cannons for defense in the early game while one gets up a fast expansion to focus on a more economy game.

5) Archon Toilet – this strategy is really something that longer games tend to have. It involves a Mothership with its Vortex ability and about 4 Archons The splash damage does a lot when the units come out of the Vortex. Sadly, this build is no longer with us with the most recent 1.3 Patch that Blizzard came out with that makes units invulnerable for 2 seconds or so.

6) Cannon Rush – this is a high risk cheese that will either work or provide your downfall because of how technologically backwards you become post cannon rush

Example of the Archon Toilet:


1) 1-1-1 Build aka Destiny Cloud build – better known as the barracks, factory, and starport build which allows the player to branch out and get various types of units.

2) MMM Build – this is probably one of the most standard builds for Terran. This includes marines and marauders with medivac support which is a deadly ball of biological units.

3) 3 Rax – this build focuses on early game pressure primarily with marines. After the early pressure, players follow up with an expansion (usually).

4) Marine-Hellion – a mineral based build, this focuses on marines as a backup force with hellions as a harassing force.

5) Planetary Fortress Rush – only doable when you spawn in close proximity to your opponent. As soon as you can, build an extra Command Center as close to the edge of your base as possible (or use your original). You should also have an Engineering Bay at the ready. As soon as it’s finished, lift off the Command Center and fly it over to your opponent’s base. Drop it next to his base and immediately start upgrading it to a Planetary Fortress. Hopefully, it’ll destroy everything before your opponent has a chance to build an army.

Example of the Planetary Fortress Rush:


1) 14 Hatchery – this isn’t really a strategy but it is standard play. On a big map, players usually expand at 14 before getting any offensive units.

2) Baneling-Muta – this build focuses on harassing with Mutalisks and doing most of the bulk damage with zerglings and banelings.

3) Roach Hydra Build- the bulk of your force is a wall that consists of armored roaches that are backed up by powerful hydralisks. Yet again, this build is one of the more prevalent ones for Zerg.

4) 6 or 10 Pool – this type of play is known as cheese. Here the player obtains either 6 or 10 supply then builds a Spawning pool and masses zerglings to rush. This is usually an all in strategy.

5) Queens Forever – On Day[9] Daily #256, Day[9] challenged the StarCraft II community to play games in which a Queen must always be in production at any time, given the resources. This seems absurd at first, because most Zerg players only build a few Queens for each base. However, as Queens don’t require larva to build and are much more powerful than their early-game counterparts, they’re a fantastic unit to use. Having many early on gives Zerg players some early firepower (firepower that can also attack air units). But beware: Queens do not move well off Creep. Make sure to lay down a creep highway for your Queens to scurry across.

The world of Starcraft is huge and the terms are something one needs to know, so here are some Starcraft 2 Terms that you should get familiar with:

Macro – managing workers and production

Micro – ability of a player to move units and manage them well, minuscule movements that in turn decides much of a battle

FE – fast expand or a fast expansion

Main – your base of operations

Natural – the base outside of your main

Cheese – an unexpected strategy that relies on large parts on secrecy and/or psychological impact on the opponent

Tech – refers to units, buildings, or upgrades that are unlocked by a specific building or upgrade

All-In – a type of attack where the player commits everything in an attack, thus forgoing any long-term strategy from that point

*for more terms and a more in-depth look at Starcraft 2 visit or check out some of these commentators on YouTube – Day[9], HuskyStarcraft, ForceSC2strategy, and AskJoshy

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