Help Japan by…Buying Figures?

Want to help Japan and get a cool Miku Nendoroid as well? Well you can by purchasing this cool Miku Support Version off the proxy site Yokatta. For every purchase, Good Smile Company will donate 1000 yen to the Japan Red Cross while Yokatta will make a 200 yen donation. That’s about $15. Not a bad contribution for just buying a figure. We all know the devastation that the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami has done to Japan. It’s never a good thing to see your fellow man suffer. So if you haven’t helped in some form or fashion, maybe now’s the time if you’re a figure collector (or Miku fan). I’ve given $10 to the Japan Salvation Army and to this really cool dude collecting donations in front of Kenka’s at St. Mark’s playing a shamisen.

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  1. One day I will have a nendoroid…or at least Nendoroid Generations…ONE DAAAAAYYYYYY!

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