Spring 2011 Anime Season Starts Today!

There’s lot of good stuff this season!  Or maybe I should say stuff I would watch.  I’ll be watching Sket Dance (teenagers solving problems!), C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (an anime about money…hmmm), Gintama 2 (need I say more?), Deadman Wonderland (wandering the Underworld…sweet), Steins; Gate (Kurisu Makise!!!), Moshidora (a sports anime, baseball to be specific…planning on writing a piece about sports anime, especially baseball anime like this now that the season has begun…be on the look out), Ano Hana (this could get dramatic), Appleseed XIII (always down for some Appleseed!), Blue Exorcist (main character looks like an idiot…always a good sign :D), Tiger and Bunny (I need a stupid superhero anime once in a while), The World Only God Knows 2 (more PSP VN playing awesomeness!), Hanasaku Iroha (girl + hot springs = win, right?), Maria Holic Alive (oh boy more yuri!), Fireball Charming (very interesting, I like 3D anime like Appleseed), Sofuteni (haven’t seen a sports tennis anime since…Prince of Tennis lol), Aria the Scarlett Ammo (more girls with guns? alright!), Lotte’s Toy (…yeah), Under the Innocent Sky (another visual novel based anime, but I’m interested because it’s originally by Navel who did Shuffle! and I love Aoi Nishimata’s art ), Dog Days (sounds a lot like Zero no Tsukaima…will give it a try), Sengoku Otome (moar war!), A Bridge to the Starry Sky (love stories are good), and the Qwaser of Stigmata 2 (my guilty pleasure anime of the season…so we got an anime involving semen and one involving breast milk this season…yeah).  Wow it seems like I’ll be watching more than half of the season.  Oh well, there’s never such a thing as too much anime!

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  1. I'm gonna wind up watching Moshidora (I'd love to hear your opinion about it, since you're a sports fan), Deadman Wonderland, C (definitely), and maybe Ao no Exorcist (since the main character shares the same VA as Accelerator, so he may be crazy awesome).

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