Preview: This Week’s Game Releases

You know I didn’t do a preview for last week’s games because…well, there wasn’t anything that caught my eye, and I didn’t find out about the games below till late last week.  This week is also kind of boring.  The only thing that sticks out to me is Patapon 3.  The third game “retains the cyclopean shadow-creature look and musical gameplay of the series, and the player still guides a one-eyed army into battle by rhythmically tapping the PSP’s face buttons” (source: ANN).  In Patapon 3, instead of an army of simple warriors, there are now four under the player’s command with the new addition being “Superhero Patapon,” who acts as the player’s avatar and is the character that physically beats the drums rather than the omnipresent god in previous installments. The four soldiers can switch classes and equip different weapons before each battle.  Multiplayer has been expanded upon, with a competitive mode with four way battles having been added, complimenting the co-op system. Every level will be playable in multiplayer mode and can be played by a single player or with a total of eight players.  Connection is possible via internet or local.  Patapon 3 hits shelves Tuesday April 12th.

Well that’s the only game I really am interested in.  Here are some games that have been released recently that you should check out.  The DS game Monster Tale is something everyone should check out.  I first heard about this neat game when I saw the review for it on IGN (found here).  It mixes a lot of different elements from different genres making for an interesting and enjoyable experience.  It might as well be renamed Castlevania Shantae Metroid Man X: Symphony of Nintendogs + Cats and Pokemon.  For Metacritic reviews, click here.

Hoard, the insanely fun action/strategy/shoot ’em up PSN game which was released last November, was released for the PC last week.  If you haven’t played it, then you’re missing out.  You play a dragon and get to terrorize villages, steal gold, and capture princesses (and hold them for ransom while burning any knights that try to save the them).  While single player is fun, the true beauty lies in the multiplayer.  Utter madness.  For Metacritic reviews, click here.

Some Anomaly gameplay

Anomaly was also released last week for PC.  What is Anomaly you ask?  It’s a tower defense game except…you play the attackers instead of the defenders.  This makes for a unique gameplay experience.  I’ll pick this up eventually.  For Metacritic reviews, click here.

And lastly, here’s some video game release news:

Final Fantasy V is Coming to PSN

White Knight Chronicles II Confirmed for U.S.

Twisted Metal for PS3 Rolls Out October 4th, 2011

Disgaea 4 Will Launch This September

Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Revealed

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