SIYM Presents: Reapin’ the Benefits!

“Reapin'” ? . . . Oh! I see what you did there!

Greetings citizens of Moar Powah! It is I, SIYM1207 bringing you installment #1 of “SIYM Presents.”

(author’s note: “Presents” as in “to introduce.” It is far too early for the word “presents” to take on its alternative/festive connotation)

Allow me to introduce myself as concisely as possible. I have been a gamer for almost all my life. Passionate to the exponential degree and (at times) frustrated to the same level. Video gaming has been my very first and favorite hobby and I plan to continue it well beyond the revelations of the soon-to-come life-altering finale of Mass Effect 3. As previously mentioned, Mass Effect single-handedly takes the crown for my favorite series/franchise of all time and remains the only title to dethrone Knights of the Old Republic of that same honor. While I have many more interests that span beyond the genres of  adventure and RPG, I feel it is time to outline what you can expect from SIYM1207 in the coming weeks.

The purpose of this segment of Moar Powah! is to provide a passionate perspective into the gaming world. While I will not promise in-depth, critical, behind-the-scenes news and intel (Moar Powah! is already graced with individuals who specialize in such knowledge) I will do my part to bring forth various insights and expectations from video gaming’s best and most epic. While Mass Effect will be heavily on mind, other forthcoming titles not limited to The Old Republic, Battlefield 3, Bioshock Infinite, and Operation Flshpoint: Red River are releases I am just as eager to experience and enjoy.

Lastly, the second series I plan to introduce to this site is “Weekend Warrior.” In this segment, I will provide commentary on the sport of motocross (outdoor/indoor motorcycle racing) and its racing events that occur most every saturday or sunday. However, it should be noted that (unless you have prior/current experience with the sport) it will be difficult to understand and even harder to relate to. Still, I will submit regardless and hope everyone will enjoy my analysis/rants for what they are.

” . . . and this is my favorite site on the interwebs.”

What do you think of when someone says “Road to Commander”? Do you instantly picture frustration in the form of flying controllers smacking and crackling against the wall in a noob-ish fit of Call of Duty rage? Well, guess what? Not only are you the WIN equivalent of a child hurling Eggos across the kitchen because your mommy left them in the toaster too long, you also don’t play enough Mass Effect. Because right now, I’m currently embarking on a mission of “Mass Completion.” What I plan to do (as time permits) is to replay both installments of Mass Effect and do my part to be as prepared as possible for the launch of Mass Effect 3 later this year during November. As it stands, I have since finalized phase 1 of my RTC adventure and will look forward to the completion of Mass Effect 2 in the coming weeks. For those of you unaware, the Mass Effect series is known for not only its well-written narratives but for the way it carries the choices you make from one play-thru to the next. While it may not seem like much at first, when you finally put together your decisions (especially when you make use of the “import character” option) the sheer amount of outcomes and alterations to the plot and interactions with your companions can be startling. Here’s hoping we all reap the benefits of this year. Whether that be in space, on the battlefield, or simply a bizarre combination of both, best of luck to all!

– Fifth Fleet Out –

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