Bioware rolls the DICE

Bioware and DICE? Hmm, Infinity Ward might want to wait until next year for MW3.

According to a Belgian source, DICE  will be joining in the production of Bioware’s forthcoming Mass Effect 3. The particular aid that Bioware seeks from the Battlefield developer is of course DICE’s expertise in guns. Those of you familiar with the Battlefield series will understand how masterfully done the weapons are. Everything from their detail, sounds, and physics only serve to enhance the thrilling experience found in their war-torn environments. Mass Effect 3 already promises to be humanity’s epic finale with an all-out war from start to finish and to have DICE collaborating with the vast (and futuristic) array of weapons found in Bioware’s concluding franchise can only mean good things for the fans.

It is widely accepted that the combat approach in Mass Effect 2 was largely more successful (if not more accessible)  than the series’s first outing but I must admit that I often long for the days of the near-infinite ammo/overheating system that made the sniping class an absolute joy to play. However, the news of Bioware seeking the help of a developer that specializes in weapon realism raises some questions. Firstly, will ammunition management involve more strategy in Mass Effect 3? Instead of simply running over “thermal clips” that universally restock almost all of your loadout, players may have to start scavenging the battlefield for specific ammunition or possibly acquire enemy guns (it is confirmed that you’ll be able to pick up weapons from fallen foes).

Secondly, will weapon damage become more realistic? It would be a lovely addition to combat if the sniping class had rifles that could kill in one bullet without always needing to be headshots. More so, especially if physics become involved, it would be thrilling if the engagements were less about tearing through armor and shields and more about getting into positions and lining up expert shots. Lastly, what other Call of Duty-antics will be introduced? Let’s be honest, the Call of Duty franchise has laid down the groundwork for what it takes to have a massively successful FPS product. No doubt that the presence of flashbang grenades and guns with “clips” is a result of that. However, it’s not all bad. The atmosphere and audio enhancements that the Mass Effect franchise could undergo (combat-wise) would be greatly appreciated. Still, I beleive there is a line that Bioware won’t/shouldn’t cross when asking help from FPS specialists like DICE. Just as long as there is no fall camo or thermal vision, I’ll be fine.

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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