Well Our Office Got Jacked…

The title says it all. Actually I should be moar specific. Moar Powah! unfortunately is not big enough that we have our own office. We’re just a bunch of crazy kids blogging about crazy stuff from the comforts of our homes.  The place where I work in the city was jacked.  This is actually the second time it was jacked in a week.  All our equipment is gone–computers, screens, printers, etc.  These robberies got me thinking–what if we set up a bunch of traps Home Alone style?  If an 8 year old can come up with elaborate and painful booby traps, then so can you and I.  But in reality, what Kevin did was downright crazy.  Most robbers aren’t that retarded (I think).  Home Alone could never happen in real life…unless you do it Freddie Wong style!  For those of you who don’t know who Freddie Wong is, shame on you.  He’s a pretty famous YouTube director known mostly for his editing and action videos.  His channel freddiew can be found here.  He’s even worked with Andy Whitfield (!!!) from Spartacus (on a side note, I’m very sad that Whitfield had to leave Spartacus due to cancer and wish him a speedy recovery) in a Time Crisis like short which can be found here.  Anyways, Freddie Wong shows us his version of Home Alone, which is sure to scare off any would-be robbers.

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