Analysis: Curtis Granderson This Year’s Jose Bautista?

Curtis Granderson has been a home run machine since he reworked his swing last August

I remember being skeptical when my Yankees traded away highly touted prospect Austin Jackson to the Detroit Tigers for Curtis Granderson last year. I thought the Yankees were being their usual inpatient selves by trading away the growing prospect for the older proven hitter. Granderson never lacked power (he hit 30 HR’s in 2009), but I thought that the pressure of playing in New York would be too much. And at first, I was right; while Jackson got off to a scorching start in 2010, Granderson struggled. In April, Jackson was hitting .364 Granderson was at .225 with two homers and seven RBIs. He also went on the DL for a groin strain. However, Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long was able to work with Granderson. He helped him change his swing by making it moar fluid and getting rid of a lot of extra moving parts. This shortened swing had immediate results. From the time Long intervened in August of 2010 to now, Granderson has logged the second most home runs over that time with 26; he trails only Jose Bautista (31) which is really no surprise and is tied with Troy Tulowitzki (26).

As the article title suggests, I believe Granderson will be this year’s Bautista. Now Granderson isn’t going to come outta nowhere like Bautista since he was already an established power hitter. But he’s similar in the sense that he was an older guy at the time of his swing change (29 like Bautista when he changed his) which is rare, is on pace for a ridiculous home run total, and has become an extremely deadly pull hitter. And due to Yankee Stadium being a hitter friendly park, I expect big things from Granderson. At the time of this article he’s currently batting .281 with 12 HR’s (second to Bautista’s 13 and second in the Majors overall) and 26 RBI’s. That’s pretty damn good. If I had to guess now, I would say Granderson gets to 40 home runs. Don’t hold me to it. But if he keeps it up, it can become a reality.

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