Toyota Miku Controversy

So I was browsing Sankaku Complex and found an interesting article regarding Vocaloid star Hatsune Miku which caused quite the fan outrage.  For some odd reason, Toyota decided to use Miku to promote their new Corolla in the U.S. What caused people to get up in arms was the way she was portrayed.  I’m not gonna lie either, when I first saw it I thought she was hideous.  Very manly.  Check the image out for yourself:

Yeah pretty ugly right? Well a second picture of Miku promoting the Corolla surfaced a few weeks later.  This one was much much better in my opinion.  I really like it.  Here it is:

Anyways, I happen to be a deviantART addict and just love browsing and admiring great artists’ work.  To my surprise, one of the artists I watch posted the same Miku image above in his gallery.  It turns out he created both images for Toyota.  Who is this artist?  Alvin Lee.  Alvin is a Canadian artist formerly associated with UDON Entertainment.  He is now with Marvel.  UDON is most famous for releasing art books of Capcom series like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Megaman.  Anyways after some thought I realized that there’s really no reason to complain.  If you go to his page where he posted the image (here), he explains that he was given very strict parameters to work with.  Also in the comments he mentions that people shouldn’t judge so harshly; it’s his interpretation of Miku.  What gives us the right to criticize an artist’s interpretation?  Of course unreasonable otaku will no doubt cling to their pathetic beliefs and scorn anyone who dares paint Miku in a different light than they’re accustomed to.  But for us reasonable folk, we should just enjoy it.  Different doesn’t mean bad.  Also check out the step by step lineart of the above image on Alvin’s Facebook (here).

EDIT 05/27: Alvin posted the lineart of the first image on his deviantART.  He goes into moar detail about the guidelines he was given.  I have to say the lineart looks a lot better than the finished product (he even admits she came out a little different than what he visioned).

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