SIYM Presents: “. . . against the Reapers and Beyond!”

E3 2011 is going to be MASSive.

While this will not be a substantial post, I would like to update/clarify a few things going forward into the year.

1) E3 2011: I could not be more excited about the awesomeness that is soon to launch at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. There are many games and developers that can’t wait to show off their arsenal for the coming months but there is only ONE thing I’m focused on. Mass Effect 3 Reveal! Casey Hudson, Mass Effect’s executive producer, has been hinting at what looks to be a potential gameplay demo of ME3. You can be certain that there’ll be firefights to show off. After all, Bioware’s involvement with DICE has excited much of Mass Effect’s shooter fans. I look forward to some sound enhancements as well as improved weapon customization. Better yet, if Bioware’s learned anything from DICE, the inclusion of gun physics could really bring about a new dimension to Mass Effect’s combat prowess. Can’t wait! For those of you (like me) unable to join in the festivities, be sure to head over to for full coverage of this year’s biggest and best!

2) BRINK: I sold it. Yeah, I know I said how “fresh” and “fun” it is but it’s possible to not like a good game. Although it really lost its charm for me after a while (no doubt in thanks to my recent resurgence with MW2 ^_^) Bethesda should be commended for being ambitious enough to deliver something different to the FPS scene. Still, I’m a soldier of Infinity Ward and I eagerly look forward to MW3 coming out later this year.

Happy Hunting Moar Powah!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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