Who Won E3 2011?


1. Nintedo: Best presentation (did you see that stage!? Skip to 3:51-5:38), new console

2. Sony: Quickly addressed the PSN outage thereby allowing them to get to the beef of the presentation. However, like last year’s presentation, it felt moar like a bored (yes pun intended) meeting.  Nothing that we didn’t already know about beforehand (yes even the name for the NGP was leaked so it wasn’t that surprising).  Price of the PS Vita was the only interesting piece of news.

3. Microsoft: Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, Kinect, oh look Halo 4! And FIST BUMP (below)!

Some moar funny stuff for you guys:


Now it may be late on analyzing E3 but who cares. Everyone always asks who won? I have my view and the other writers have theirs (but let’s be honest…my view is the only credible one, right?). So let’s get down to business. Microsoft’s conference was a piece of shit. No doubt about it. Halo 4, CE Anniversary and even the MW3 debut but really…I don’t care about that stuff yet. Sony was…like it always has been. They had statistics, numbers, and flashy 3D stuff but one thing that they honestly got right was the games for the HARDCORE GAMERS. They had various titles lined up for the hardcore fans that played the old old titles. Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3 (there are a lot of 3s…), and more that I can’t even name off the top of my head.

But overall, Nintendo did the best, both on and off the stage. Opening with the Legend of Zelda songs with a live orchestra blew me back to the good old days where games didn’t involve noob tubes, 360 leet no scopes and other sort of things similar. They had the 25th Anniversary of Zelda going on while they announced which I believe is the true launch titles for the 3DS. They then went on to show off their fancy new console previously known as Project Cafe. Now known as the Wii U it is up to par with the 360 in respect to everything.

Big Ole Reggie even went on to say after the press conference that it did have 1080p capabilities and was ditching the whole friend code thingy for online play. They are moving towards the PSN and Xbox Live system. Plus with third parties jumping on board such as DICE and Battlefield 3, there are bound to be lots of things coming from Nintendo. Also, after the press conference the words from the man himself said that Pikmin 3 will be on the Wii U (in full HD!) and that just sold me. Good job Nintendo. There are soooooo many more things I can say but that basically covers it. So ladies and gents I bid you adieu! LIFE is out!


I find myself agreeing with LIFE up there. Microsoft’s conference… was pretty bad. Aside from a few buzz titles like Halo 4, Halo Anniversary Edition, Mass Effect 3, and Modern Warfare 3, there wasn’t much to show. While I like the idea of the Kinect as an entertainment device (and the stories of it doing so much more), Microsoft fails to convince me how it can be used as a gaming device. Most of the Kinect games shown were little more than tech demos, many of them trying to capture the audience that the Wii reigned in, and the few titles that try to appeal to serious gamers look like crap. Most of them were on-rails games. Seriously, on-rails games? What is this, an arcade? Kinect should give more freedom, not limit it.

Sony’s conference was actually rather average. While many of the games got me more excited (and unlike the Kinect, I see some hope in the Move), and the Vita, has some potential. Seamless PS3 to Vita connectivity has a lot of promise, as well. However, Vita still looks gimmicky, and like the Microsoft conference, the Sony conference looked like it focused around a few big name titles that would carry the conference.

Nintendo, on the other hand, had a pretty good conference. Starting with the Zelda 25th anniversary that seems like a really good nostalgia trip for fans, Nintendo’s conference just kept getting better and better. They brought out the real 3DS games, and unlike what they had for launch, these games have some real promise. The Wii U stole the show, however. The controller alone is going to introduce a way to play games that, while somewhat utilized before, will come out as fresh and exciting.

We all know Nintendo will continue to make excellent first party games, but it seems they didn’t stop there: they brought in quite a few third party games and developers. With the addition of 1080p and better online infrastructure, it’s probable that the Wii U will enjoy success not only from the Wii’s current fanbase, but from “hardcore” gamers as well. Nintendo’s conference definitely did not revolve around a few core titles, but instead struck a balance between games, hardware, and innovation. It’s this balance that gives Nintendo E3.


To echo LIFE (as most should right?) Nintendo did very well at this year’s E3. While my coverage was quite limited, I don’t believe it should come as a surprise to many that Nintendo came with a few tricks up their sleeves. Furthermore, echoing Laevatein, Nintendo’s success at E3 also came from deciding not to “revolve around a few core titles.” Instead, Nintendo continues to innovate and bring about fresh approaches to gaming while still providing its fanbase with a wide array of new titles and classics alike.

However, in defense of the rest of the competition, its not fair to say that Microsoft and Sony were disappointing because they didn’t bring anything new or fresh to the scene. With both of them continuing to support the current console generation, there really isn’t much that can be done by way of innovation or new hardware like Nintendo did this year. Think about it, would Nintendo have been as show-stealing if they continued to support the current Wii? Imagine if Nintendo had decided to stay current instead of Microsoft and Sony. Would Nintendo have been a disappointment then? When you can’t innovate or push forward you have to strengthen your resolve with what you already have.

In the case of Microsoft and Sony, a line up of familiar (yet successful) franchises. Now, please understand that I’m in no way defending Microsoft nor Sony’s decision to remain in the current generation, neither am I suggesting that they couldn’t have put forth a better showing despite that. But seriously, is it really their choice? Just look at how many sequels are coming up. It’s exhausting enough to provide bigger-and-better follow-ups let alone transferring them into another console generation. Nintendo has the least of worries when it comes to that. To warp up though, Nintendo was indeed successful at E3. Although Microsoft and Sony really can’t be blamed too much for sticking to their current arsenal, they’re respective showings definitely did not have the same “wow” factor as Nintendo’s. Fifth Fleet Out!

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