SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #2

Few things, I will now be dropping the whole “SIYM Presents” tagline that I normally use with post titles. It’s redundant and I think most everyone can figure out who the author is anyway. Secondly, I’m in the process of creating a website of my own. Nothing amazing or of Moarpowah! caliber, just a little project and keepsake for me to update and pass the time. Mostly regarding Mass Effect and other such gaming-related topics. Right now it’s more of a personal blog but I’ll see what else comes up in the process. Lastly, I’ve been having some writer’s block lately and legitimate posts are definitely not flowing off my fingertips. Thankfully, this site has been growing nicely and the current stock of writers is strong. However, I should have something up by tonight. In the mean time, MOAR MASS EFFECT!

Love 101

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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