LIFE Lessons: My Trip to Sydney, Australia

What’s up guys? Matt Kwan here! So this past week I went and experienced Sydney, Australia taking in the sites and seeing lots and lots of stuff.

I made a few video logs of the trip there and wanted to share them to the lovely MoarPowah fans.

So check out the video logs in a  nice little playlist I created here.

Also if you don’t want to watch them here’s a little recap of things that I did in a short and sweet summary.

(1) 14 hour plane ride

(2) The Sydney Zoo [KANGAROOS!!!!]

(3) The Sydney Aquarium [PENGUINS!!!]

(4) Some good old shopping

(5) The Hillsong united Conference 2011

So there’s a short little 5 bit summary for you guys. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment on the site and more importantly join us!

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