SIYM Presents: Casey’s Twitter Surprise

“If anything, the Alliance trains their people well…”

In celebration of  Casey Hudson’s Twitter breaking 10,000 followers, an image was released revealing the appearance of one of the newest members of the Mass Effect family: Alliance Soldier James Vaga (see above). The character (by name) has been known for quite some time now but a visual reveal is finally here. While the backstory and specifics of this character remain largely unknown, Casey Hudson has confirmed James Vaga to be a “career soldier” who presumably joins Shepard on his quest to thwart the Reapers and save the galaxy from utter destruction. Although Mass Effect 3 will likely focus more on squadmates from Mass Effect 1, do not expect Bioware to miss out on an opportunity to throw in new faces and twists into the mix. From looks alone, James Vaga appears to be of the same mold that Shepard and Jacob were honed from. Disciplined, deadly, and built for success. However, like Shepard and Jacob, I certainly hope that (whatever lies beneath the well-toned extremities) the character is at least more-than-meets-the-eye.

Based on what I’ve seen from both Mass Effect 1 and 2, Bioware certainly has no issues implementing interesting backgrounds into even their blandest/cliche-est personalities. The best part? What Bioware might consider lifeless and dull is what other developers might envision as deep and engaging. It’s no secret (at least it shouldn’t be) that the team at Bioware have very high standards when developing story and growing characters into full-blown individuals. As for James Vaga, if he’s anything like other Alliance personalities, I can imagine him being the Duke Nukem of Team Normandy. A legit badass combining the warrior persona of Zaeed, the deadly efficiency of Thane, and the cold confidence of Garrus all rolled into one package. Still, as mentioned earlier, we know so little about this guy and to speculate (while entertaining as it may be) get us nowhere in the long run. Hell, this dude could be a pansy for all we know. Even worse, what if he’s a mole for the Illusive Man?!? Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. See what I mean about speculating?

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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