Moar Starcraft II Strategies

For those who do not know, Starcraft II is my favorite RTS game, and I play it often. LIFE44 went over all the standard builds already (you should read it), so there’s not much I can add to that. Instead, what I will be going over will be cheese/rush builds that he has not, and how to execute them properly. All-in cheese/rush builds are some of my most favorite builds, as I enjoy surprise tactics as well as causing opponents to rage over how they lost and still have a higher score than me. These are definitely fun to use every now and then, but should not become anyone’s standard play.

Marine-Mule Rush (6 Racks Timing Push)

This is a build that can easily fool the vast majority of players, as it appears to be one of many standard terran builds. There are quite a few variations, but this is my preferred one. It begins off as a standard terran build. Build 10 SCV’s then build a supply depot.  Then build a barracks at 12 supply. However, the key is to stop production at 15 supply. Build an orbital command and one marine, then build until you have 4 marines total at 19/19 supply. Build one moar supply depot to do the standard terran block-off. The key is to save up for 5 barracks and lay them all down at once. During all of this, you constantly need to be building mules, as minerals are crucial. After all 6 barracks are constructed, create 12 marines. You should have a total of 16 marines when you start pushing. Remember to constantly build supply depots because being supply-blocked with this rush means death. Set the rally point of the 6 barracks to right outside your opponent’s base and constantly reinforce and push. Getting the build down will take a while, but this is a very fun build that tends to leave opponents baffled at the amount of marines made.

3 Roach-Speedling

This build was made to counter protoss walling and works shockingly well. The first thing to do is to build to 10 drones, and move your starting overlord to scout immediately for your opponent’s base. Build an overlord next, and use that one for scouting as well. By now you should have located your opponent’s base. Move one overlord to their opening ramp to provide sight. Next is to build 3 moar drones, followed by a spawning pool once you have 200 minerals. Build an extracter after that (mine for gas immediately after completion), and immediately pump drones until there’s 15 drones total. After the spawning pool finishes, throw down a Queen (constantly spawn larvae, derp) followed by a Roach Warren. Get 2 zerglings (2 zerglings = one supply) and start the metabolic research. Use those 2 zerglings to scout for proxies. Build another overlord after that, follow it with 3 roaches, and then pull drones from the extracter to minerals. Build another overlord, and from that point on produce nothing but zerglings and set the rally point to right outside your opponent’s base. Now pull the overlord that’s close to your opponent’s opening ramp in order to reveal how he’s walled off and snipe the weakest point of the wall with roaches. Push in with speedlings and constantly reinforce. Generally speaking, this will knock down a protoss player unless they chose to muster up an early rush force as well or choose to cannon up.

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