LIFE Lessons: What Is This Whole YouTube Gaming Thing?

Well to start off…gaming on YouTube wasn’t the most popular until the game Call of Duty: World at War came out. Right around there the whole recording games and putting them on the internet started. This “gameplay/commentary” business didn’t start to get huge until the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Now you might ask yourself…”why would people put commentaries over their gameplays?” Well let’s start from the beginning.

When the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out people were wanting to get good at the game. So what other place to go than YouTube! There the “founders” started to create the community. Some examples are BlameTruth (first person to commentate over CoD4 gameplays), xCalizors (dubbed the beastliest CoD player out there), and Hutch (the emo, skinny looking guy that was part of OpTic). These three are just a few to name but they were all and still are some of the best YouTube Gamers out there. Now at first it was all about how to get good at the game but when the days of Modern Warfare 2 came out everything changed. The content was shifted to commentaries all the way to montages. Some notable and the only people I can watch because of their montages are SmallBeans, OpTic Predator, IVIIatty, and Sam5000i. These are all people that are known for montages, especially Modern Warfare 2 ones. Since then the attitude has shifted towards more of a gameplay in the background with more of a video log kinda feel…just talking about your life and such…while others have moved towards things such as “Let’s Plays” (where the person goes through the singleplayer campaigns and giving their thoughts while they play) and live commentaries (title says it all).

Now some of you Halo fans out there are probably saying…”HEY! Where is Halo in all of this!?!?” Of course Halo was around but it wasn’t as big as Call of Duty in regards to content being uploaded to YouTube. But what I can tell you is that Starcraft casting has become something of a huge game on YouTube. From the small community it once was it has grown immensely. The growth can be seen in recent eSports and MLG events in regards to Starcraft 2. But anyways I digress…the main thing is that the YouTube scene is very hard to get into now and I myself have tried (My Channel) and have not succeeded very well at it, but I still throw up videos for the enjoyment of my friends and the few subs I have. Check one out above! Anyways I thought I might as well post something and if you want a video to explain it and some points I didn’t touch you can watch it below.

Other than that ladies and gents I hope you enjoyed this episode of LIFE Lessons and I’ll see you guys next time!

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