SIYM Presents: MW3 Pre-Launch Item #???

Prestige Mode bitches ! ! !

Do not fear my fellow Powah players! I have ZERO intention of promoting Call of Duty through the medium of my “pre-launch” posts. However, I found this image to be mildly amusing and thought it would go along nicely with the topic at hand: Modern Warfare 3. As burned out of a former fan as I may be, I still look forward to the third installment of the Modern Warfare series and all the “balance” that is promised to come with it. Infinity Ward (or should I say Sledgehammer Games) have their work cut out for them which is not limited to reconciling with their fanbase after all the MW2 hooplah. Anyhoo, this is SIYM . . . on vacation . . . from the islands of Me-he-co . . . in all his 10th prestige glory . . . adios!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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