Analysis: Curtis Granderson Part 3

The Grandy Man

I just read an article by Jayson Stark on that details 5 players who are chasing records this season.  The Grandy Man is currently chasing a few records this season as it turns out.  From the article:

This man is on pace to score 144 runs. Want to know how many times that number has been reached in the American League since the AL went to a 162-game schedule a HALF-CENTURY AGO? That would be once — by Rickey Henderson (146) in 1985. The only NL players to get there in the era: Jeff Bagwell (152) in 2000, Sammy Sosa (146) in 2000 and Craig Biggio (146) in 1997. That’s it.

But here’s an even more fun feat Granderson has a shot at: He leads the league in triples. And he’s third in the league in homers (five behind Jose Bautista).

So how many hitters in the live-ball era have led their league in triples AND homers in the same season? Exactly three: Jim Rice in 1978, Willie Mays in 1955 and Jim Bottomley in 1928. And only Rice led the league outright in both categories. This one’s more of a long shot — but quite a cool group, huh?

Yes quite a cool group indeed Jayson.  In Granderson I trust.

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