Mecha Monday: Transformers: The Movie 25th Anniversary feat. ninjaink

Hey guys and welcome to the second edition of “Mecha Monday!”  I was going to do a review of Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, but I guess I’ll save that for either just a regular review or next week’s “Mecha Monday.”  Anyways, today is the 25th Anniversary of the 1986 Transformers movie!  I’m actually ashamed I didn’t remember this on my own.  And I call myself a Transformers fan :P.  This was the Transformers franchise debut on the big screen, and while it was corny (Hot Rod opens up a flickering disco ball that plays 80’s music, and Unicron can’t stand it so he rips off his own leg and detonates himself), full of animation mistakes, included surprise cursing, and had beloved character deaths (Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Starscream), the movie is still held in high regard among fans of the franchise.  I’d much rather watch this then the live-action explosion filled “Bayformers” trilogy (see my scathing review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in last week’s “Mecha Monday”).  This post will not be a review of the movie; I will though quickly touch on the pros and cons.  


  • Great voice acting
  • Great soundtrack.  Yes it’s corny, but it’s still sooo good. You got the touch!

  • Awesome battles
  • Memorable quotes (“Me Grimlock no like you!”)
  • Great in HD (art is fantastic!)
  • Animation quality was lacking.  A few examples: jagged textures and scenes and multiple instances where dead characters appeared again (one of the Insecticons appears on the Planet of Junk even though he’s supposed to be dead at this point in the movie), disappeared completely (Blaster), never appeared (Snarl where art thou?), or inexplicable multiplied (the Sweeps…there were only supposed to be 2…where’d the other like 10 come from? And Sunstreaker and Hound appear twice–they are present at the beginning of the Battle of Autobot City, but they somehow appear arriving on Earth with Optimus. WTF?)
  • The cursing. Now while I don’t care about this as much, I’m adding it to the cons since it was completely out of left field when it debuted. People did not expect swearing to appear in a kids show.  However, these lines to me are classics, and I always get a good laugh when Spike says, “Aww shit! What are we going to do now?”
  • Beloved character deaths.  Especially Optimus Prime.  There’s a lot of hate out there for poor Hot Rod.  Don’t get me wrong, I was heartbroken when I saw Optimus die.  Unlike many others, I don’t blame Hot Rod. His interference was necessary to drive the plot and develop his character.  And besides, Optimus comes back later…
Anyways, I really wanted to use this piece as a tribute to one my favorite artists ninjaink.  Make sure to check him out!  He’s a fellow Transformers fan and has done a ton of art involving the series.  Here’s a few of his pieces that reference the classic movie:
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