Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive Now Available! Selvaria Bles <3

Last Wednesday, UDON Entertainment released the Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive.  English readers can finally appreciate the art of Valkyria Chronicles, one of the best games on the PlayStation 3.  If you aren’t familiar with UDON Entertainment, head over to their site.  You can find them on deviantART as well. Also check out the Toyota Miku Controversy post featuring former UDON artist Alvin Lee’s interpretation of Miku.

UDON has released a ton of art books over the years, some just translations like the Valkyria Chronicles one, some original works, and some tribute books featuring hundreds of other artists.  I’ve bought their release of Tony Taka’s Artworks from Shining World released May 11th and the Atelier Series: Official Chronicle released June 6th.  Some of their other releases I’m looking forward to (but not limited to) are the Ar Tonelico Visual Book, Shigenori Soejima Artworks (the artist of the Persona series), and the Art of Genzoman book (EDIT: Just found out it was released yesterday; it also happens to be their 100th art book!).  Genzoman is a extremely talented artist who I have been following on dA for some time now.  Check him out!

I’d also like to take this time to feature one of my favorite video game female characters, Selvaria Bles. Check out the gallery below.

Above art by: 秋月からす

Above art by: 上山道郎

   Art by: もみお

Art by: makacoon

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

And here’s a special treat. Wonder Festival Summer 2011 just included a few weeks ago.  To my delight, there was a Selvaria bathing suit figure on display! It’s only a pre-production model, but I’m still excited.  This figure is made by ALTER, which has me even moar excited since the first figure I ever bought was ALTER’s first version of Selvaria; it’ll be nice to add another Selvaria (especially another one made by ALTER) to my collection.

So hot...

The first figure I bought 🙂

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