LIFE Lessons: The Other Side of YouTube – Video FX and Vlogging

Now the last post I made was about YouTube and how gaming has been introduced and somewhat influenced from it. Today I am going to talk about the other side … or more importantly what it was supposed to be for – Video FX and Vlogging.

Now when I heard of YouTube I imagined it as a place for people starting in the movie scene and such to use YouTube as a place to put their works. It is exactly that. Many celebrity artists in line with the site VEVO have used YouTube to place music videos, live stream concerts, and other various means of inter web communications. This has made them a lot of free advertising plus the partnership with YouTube makes them money as well. Getting into what I really enjoy in terms of high end videos is Video FX. There are various people to this and the ones that I watch the most in this area are freddiew, Smosh, MysteryGuitarMan, and CorridorDigital. Those 4 (I believe) best represent the Video FX community and make great videos that include effects of guns, good old Nintendo references, and just plain old originality. Video FX is what it sounds like – Video Effects which include making a gun shoot, making clones of yourself, greenscreens!, and much more. This is the pinnacle of video editing.

Now onto the more relaxed and just plain old fun things to watch. The Vlogging. here people make video logs about their lives, proffessions, or anything in between capturing moments of their lives and sharing it with the world. Some notable people on YouTube include CollegeHumor, NigaHiga, and my favorite FPSRussia. They do various things such as skits of everyday life, talking about random stuff, and just making plain old videos of shooting guns (it’s America…we’re known for that kinda shit).

Really there isn’t much more to say about this topic of YouTube because quite frankly…you gotta go watch a Russian blow up shit to be truly impressed or watch freddiew make a video with stars such as Spartacus’s Andy Whitefield. Go check them out!

EDIT (Judge): I would say Peter Chao is pretty good too 😛

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