Metroid’s 25th Anniversary!

 Art by: transfuse

The Legend Zelda is currently getting a lot of love for its 25th Anniversary, but Metroid isn’t getting nearly enough attention in my opinion.  Technically, the 25th anniversary of Metroid was on the 6th, but I still want to celebrate regardless.  What better way to show the love than by featuring some awesome pics of the heroine?

 Art by: jdillon82

Art by: Karosu-Maker

Art by: reiq

 Art by: SigurdHosenfeld

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

 Art by: 黒田晶見

Art by: くくあ

Captain Samus?

Art by: 蘭@桃熊

Artist unknown.

Artist unknown.

 Art by: 結乃

Below gallery by: A-Z

 Now for some crossover art!

Also, here’s another flash game for you guys brought to you by Adult Swim Games.  This one is a fun puzzle adventure game that takes a lot of cues from Metroid. The character’s gender, armor, ship, and the way the map is set up screams Metroid. Check it out!

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Just a simple man, trying to find his way in the universe. Image hosted by

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