SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #5

FALCON . . . PUNCH ! ! !

Good evening Moar Powah! It’s that time again! Moar Mass Effect!

Just so everyone is aware, I start back with school next week and look forward to continuing to put up as much content as possible. I can’t promise that EVERY Friday will be a sure thing but (at the very least) should be able to put up a consistent amount of postings even if most end up being less substantial than you’re probably used to. Today, we take a look at Bioware showing off moar Mass Effect 3 at this year’s Gamescom. In all actuality, this image from the demonstrated clip is nothing more than another opportunity for the Mass Effect team to show off the upcoming sequel’s combat prowess. While Mass Effect’s gunplay has never been the true selling point for the franchise, it definitely has shown potential with the recent teaser revealed at Gamescom. Probably the most noteworthy aspect was the bit where Shepard demonstrated an interesting use of his Omni-Tool. Along with the Omni-Blade, you can now harness a blazing inferno and unleash it upon those foolish enough to get too close.

All this seems to point towards Bioware’s determination to realize the perfect action-RPG by pushing more manageable gunplay mechanics but still emphasizing the incredibly deep and personalized storytelling that has made this series so memorable. Speaking of, I was playing Mass Effect 2 today and I came across a little easter egg that goes to show that Bioware has a sense of humor about all the fanatics that have had nothing but UN-nice things to say about the franchise’s action-heavy direction: “I wish they still made roleplaying games like they used to. These days it’s all big choices and visceral combat. I miss those old games where you had to remember to drink water and it took 5 hours real time to fly somewhere.”

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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