Reiko’s Ramblings: Turtle Beach, Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset

I bought the latest version of Turtle Beach’s HD gaming headset last week. My old headset was a 3year old Logitech headset, non-hd.

After gaming and using this headset for about 30ish hours, there’s a definitive improvement over the Logitech headset. Being able to control mic volume, bass, and chat volume seems to be some sort of new luxury, and after a few days of use became integrated with my average game play.

I noticed that there is a soft hum when the mic is turned on for voice chat, but if there’s game sounds it doesn’t seem to matter. Voice chat and skyping is a bit more difficult, since there isn’t constant conversation the hum becomes more noticeable. If you game a lot online like I do and have to communicate, having a higher quality headset is definitely a plus, especially when there is only mild discomfort after extended game play. Overall, buying a $70 headset was a wise investment.

To choose a headset one should address:

-What you would need a headset for, gaming or phone calls?

-How many hours would you spend doing these things?

-Do you need crystal clear voice chat?

Happy Gaming!

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