Character Spotlight: Fate/Stay Night Rider

Hey guys after doing my Carnival Phantasm preview (btw the second episode came out…go watch it!), I decided to put up a tribute for my favorite Fate/Stay Night character, Rider.  In case you haven’t played or seen Fate/Stay Night, Rider is really Medusa.  She’s a much moar complex character than meets the eye, and as you delve deeper into the story (and Fate/hollow ataraxia), you realize how tragic a life she had.  Anyways, there wasn’t as much fan art compared to some other characters in the series, but I found a few I really like.  Enjoy!

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Art by: nagumo

 Art by: Nine child

Below gallery by: 孤蛮屋こばん

NSFW (Not Safe For Work):   Show

Here’s some great Rider cosplay. Phoenix _Kasai makes another appearance here on Moar Powah! Check out my Asa Shigure tribute for her great Asa cosplay.

This cosplay is done by Youji-zero.

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Just a simple man, trying to find his way in the universe. Image hosted by

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