First Impressions: Carnival Phantasm

WTF.  That is the first thing I took away after watching this show.  What is Carnival Phantasm you ask?  Carnival Phantasm is a mini-series featuring all of Type-Moon’s series (Tsukihime, Fate/, and Melty Blood but Kara no Kyoukai unfortunately does not make an appearance).  It’s basically a comedy crossover.  The OP alone should tell you what kind of show you’ll be watching.


Episode 1 begins with a few humanoid cat creatures discussing the “Carnival Moment,” a time once every ten years when “various tales will cross paths.”  The OP plays. We are then given some background info about the 5th Holy Grail War (Fate/Stay Night).  Ilya appears and tells us that the rules of the Holy Grail War have changed.  The scene changes to a game show, and the madness begins.  Yes what you’re thinking is correct; the Holy Grail War will winner will be determined by the winner of this game show.  Absolutely ridiculous but nonetheless hilarious.  We see Lancer and Archer playing a card game; we see Berserker and Caster play tennis.

I know what you're thinking...

Gilgamesh even makes an appearance and is just as big a douche as he was in the regular show.  He’s a rule breaker! Gasp!  After a few moar gags, a montage plays featuring all sorts of silly events.  My favorite one is below.

Stop! Hammer time!

After the “game” is over, we see the cast in a war torn battlefield.  The “Holy Grail” appears and in classic Shirou fashion, he yells profusely and takes it upon himself to stop the madness.  He smashes the grail and–is trolled.

Moar madness ensues as Shirou is taken away by the cat creatures into a space ship. They blast off to places unknown. End of episode. There’s a preview–actually there’s two previews. I don’t even know which is real and which is not. It’s so confusing, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This show is hilarious. The unpredictable turn of events had pluffei and I laughing our asses off; I can’t wait for when the various casts cross paths. All I can say now is…episode 2 get here faster!!!

Is this episode 2? Tsukihime + Sailor Moon? Who knows.

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