Guoventures #1: Movin’ Out

We'll all miss you very much.

Because Jack Guo will be moving out of Judge’s place tomorrow, I’ve decided to post this little comic (?). It’s based on the fact (according to Judge) that Jack seems to attract roaches and mice. For example, once when the two J’s (Judge and Jack, get it?) were walking on the street, two mice peeked out at them from the gutters. Also, we all know about the mouse that was caught at their place, right? We even had a Great Mouse Tournament to commemorate the event. As for roaches, well, whenever we find roaches in the apartment, somehow they’re always near Jack Guo. Oh Jack, we shall miss you so. Your little vermin friends, maybe not so much.

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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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