LIFE Lessons: MLG Raleigh Starcraft 2 Recap

So ladies and gents, this past weekend was MLG yet again in Raleigh. Many tournaments were held (4 in fact) including League of Legends, Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo Reach, and Starcraft 2. Now being the Korean I am I watched the Starcraft 2 stream and am pleased to say that the Koreans placed top 6. Now who would argue that that isn’t bad ass for the Koreans. But I digress, the top 6 were: STBomber, SlayerSCoca, coLMVPDongRaeGu, oGsNada, EG-Puma and Liquid_HerO. All Koreans…did I mention that? You can find the top 32 players here.

But anyways there were some crazy matches within the tournament…too many in fact. So I am here to just cover a few things that stood out to me. The Zerg within this tournament had a tremendous run and making it to the finals in SlayerSCoca. In fact, the idea that Zerg is the most underpowered race now a days is starting to become obsolete because of the new builds, counters, and ridiculous infestor play that is being seen today. The Protoss, or the BROtoss, had a pretty bad showing. The weakest race in MLG this past weekend put up a show but still fell short. Liquid_HerO, a player originally from the oGs clan (Korean Clan) moved to Liquid recently and was the top Protoss player falling 6 matches away from the title. He was the best Protoss at the event making it the farthest followed by his former teammate EGHuK. Now, the Protoss is actually being called the most underpowered race to play…but I will get into that in another post so moving on.

The Terran, of course, had a spectacular showing yet again taking the title as MLG Champion. STBomber played a tremendous game at his MLG debut and was in fact the favorite to win the whole tournament. All the hype was right because he took the championship with his amazing, solid play. He did what IMMVP did last tournament and just played with solid builds, great micro, and awesome macro.

Now coLMVPDongRaeGu or DRG was coming into this tournament as the alternate to win. The man came very close to becoming champion but was knocked out in the Winners bracket none other than Bomber. Then on his way to the Championship match he ran into SlayerSCoca in the Loser’s Bracket finals and found defeat. His run at the past 2 MLGs have been very solid but one thing that came out of this tournament was the infamous Code S spot in the GSTL. The MLG-GSTL exchange league brings over Koreans to MLG and Foreigners to the GSTL. The top 4 placers at an MLG tournament gets a spot in the highest leauge of the GSTL – Code S. DRG was famous because of his laddering on the Korean servers placing first almost every time in the Grandmasters League. Now no one can say that he was just some guy laddering that got lucky because of fans; he was that guy that was too good for the ladders and had to find better competition in the Pro scene.

That about raps up what I wanted to talk about and until next time guys my name is LIFE and I will see you guys later. Peace out.

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