SIYM Presents: COD XP-losion!


Today was the official reveal of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer at the Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles, CA. For those of you out of the loop, the event is essentially every fanboy’s dream when it comes to living your gaming experience out in the real world. Everything from a built-to-scale replica of Burger Town to a Scrapyard-inspired paintball arena is out in full force right now on the Western side of our great (noob-tubing) nation. Regrettably, I was unable to attend the event; however, I managed to catch a live stream on the official website, and the following are a few of the many features and details revealed at the keynote that I found particularly noteworthy…

You lookin’ at me?

1) Operation Kingfish: Turns out that the “Find Makarov” film that went viral not too long ago was in fact fan-made. Activision’s CEO took the stage to announce that not only were they impressed with the fan creation but decided that they would fund their next project. As a result, Operation Kingfish (follow-up to Find Makarov) was born. The premiere of the film was shown today and it was definitely epic to say the least. Personally, I didn’t find it quite as enjoying as Find Makarov. It felt like the project was a bit over-produced. Not that there is anything wrong with well-made cinema, but it took away from the organic feel of the original. Not to mention that the plot line steered quite heavily away from the storyline presented in the game. Overall, good showing nonetheless.

Fanboys Unite!

2) Epic Fanbase: According to statistics, the Call of Duty franchise is the proud owner of a community that could fill up 80 of the largest stadiums around the world. Look out Battlefield!

Soldier: No more tubes!

3) Mutiplayer: The highlight of the opening ceremonies. Robert Bowling took the stage to announce all the cool and new additions to the Modern Warfare online experience. First and foremost, NO commando, NO last stand, NO shotgun secondary, and ABSOLUTELY NO one man army. Needless to stay, there was an audible sound of relief once the perk overhaul was announced. For killstreaks, the “strike packages” were revealed. From my understanding, it seems as though you will have access to specific killstreaks based upon what packages you select. You might have a set that includes a U.A.V. and other support rewards, or you could run a package that involves sentries and other offensive air support. I think I even saw a package that’s completely perk-based. The idea is that  the more points you rack up (yes, multiplayer is now point-based) the more perks you have access to. More to the point (no pun intended) you could actually find yourself wielding EVERY perk in the game if you get that far. However, once you die, you have to start over again. For the other strike packages, I believe it was announced that dying will not reset your point streak. This is largely due to Modern Warfare 3 wanting players to achieve more through completing objectives, helping teammates, and winning matches by doing other things besides simply killing eachother. Sounds promising, but only time will tell.

Got game?

4) E L I T E: Although I don’t have too much detail on this one, I can confirm that ELITE will for sure be a free service for ALL Call of Duty players. Better yet, the service can be interacted with through all different types of mediums. From desktops to cell phones to tablets the ELITE service is open for business everywhere.

In short, the MW3 keynote was nicely done and the unveiling of all the features we’ve been waiting to hear was indeed refreshing when all was said and done. If you have anything to add to this list (corrections included) please don’t hesitate to comment and/or leave some feedback.

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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