LIFE’s 2011 New York Comic Con Preview

So ladies and gentlemen…the Con is approaching and I assume all of you know that I am a BIG BIG nerd (so Sean aka bwwaaaa says…) so that means that there will be video games, cosplayers, and much much more. So a flashback to last year. The Con was amazing. The Intel Extreme Masters New York tournament was being held and I was just getting into StarCraft 2 (well getting into the game hardcore) and to my surprise, there were pro gamers. I saw various players there from HuK to Fenix to qxc. Now that wasn’t all that was there. There were the cosplayers of course and the Anime Festival being held. To be honest the only anime related thing I did was watch Gundam 00 Awakening of the Trailblazer. But that was in the past. This is a new year!

So with that we shall move on to the next subject…what will this year be like. Now I am hoping that the IEM tournament will be back because quite frankly that’s all I did on Saturday and Sunday. I sat and watched StarCraft 2 all day. So aside from that I am looking forward to seeing some more of the gaming booths that were set up there such as the Turtle Beach booth. Hopefully some new games will come to the con (last year, just to name a few, consisted of Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space 2) such as Call of Duty or maybe even Battlefield 3. On can only hope my good friends. Anyways the cosplayers are always fun to see and sadly I didn’t get a picture with the “Free Hugs Predators.” Master Chief and Optimus Prime were there as well and I hope that even more people cosplay with even better costumes. And finally…I might see some Machinima or even some famous StarCraft 2 Casters at the tournament.

Well folks, that is all for this edition of LIFE Lessons. Hope you guys enjoyed and remember 9/11! Peace. Also check out the some photos I took from last year down below!

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