Kamehameha: Tiger and Bunny = Dragonball Z?

Welcome to the first edition of “Kamehameha!,” a post dedicated to analyzing some of the best action scenes in film, television, and anime.  The title was inspired by a show that SIYM, LIFE44, and I grew up on; we all agree it’s a classic mainly due to it’s characters’ over exaggerated yelling and crazy hair, extended scenes and whole episodes where nothing happens, pointless close ups of the characters and seemingly everything around them (rocks, birds, the sky, the ground, clouds, etc…), and idiotic back-and-forth banter and one-liners action. If you can’t guess the show’s name, then you’re pretty dumb.  It’s Dragonball Z of course.  I think it’s fitting to have the first post relate to DBZ in some way don’t you think?  Take a look at the screenshots from episode 24 of the popular show Tiger and Bunny below and see if you can find the similarities with a famous scene in the aforementioned show Dragonball Z.  

Still can’t see the similarities? Well take a look at this:

Now you can see the similarities right? I think it’s kinda cool that Sunrise decided to mimic one of the most memorable moments in DBZ in Tiger and Bunny.  Many people, even non-anime fans, are familiar with DBZ in some form or fashion.  This is a great Easter Egg of sorts.  Well that’s all I had for this week’s post.  Expect a moar in-depth post next week.  Oh and here’s a little something extra.  Check out the video below by peixeaquatico. Just like how I remember it…:)

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