SIYM Presents: Nickelback Pre-Launch Item #???

11 / 21 / 11

That’s right folks! The only thing more attention-grabbing to SIYM than Mass Effect 3 intel is new Nickelback music! Right now on their official site, Chad Kroeger and Co. have got 2 new tunes ready for listening, and trust me when I say that they ROCK! Their new album “Here and Now” is set to launch on the 21st of November and it’s sure to be a winner. Stay tuned, or follow them on Twitter! Here they are as follows:

(Bottoms Up): Self-Explanatory to the maximum. What many have already considered their “new drinking song.” Huge beats and epic guitar work complete with a solo. While some may bash this tune for weak lyrical meaning, it’s nothing but fun. And fun should always be the bottom line! So . . . BOTTOMS UP!!!

(When We Stand Together): I knew from the moment I read the title that this was going to be some sort of cheesy ballad about how the world needs to put aside the Call-of-Duty-esque rage and start loving one another. Although that presumption was right on the money, the song itself (musically) caught me off guard. This is truly one of Nickelback’s best attempts at breaking from the template they usually settle with when re-writing melodies. Good song!

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Just so everyone knows, I’m a huge Nickelback fan. Almost with the same intensity as Mass Effect. Not quite as much, but you get the point. With that said, I’m also extremely familiar with all the negativity they receive. I’ll freely admit that Nickelback are not necessarily thought-provoking or innovators of the musical age, but there is one thing that they are: Critic-Proof

There is literally no conceivable amount of hate Nickelback could receive that would change anything about them or their music. Why would it? They’re one of the most successful groups of our generation and with all the multi-platinum’s they’ve amassed over the years it’s painfully obvious that they’ve long since struck a formula that works/sells. As biased as I might be on this issue, there’s no doubt that Nickelback are clearly having fun doing what they do. Yeah, there’s alot less personality and alot more business these days when it comes to music (mainstream especially) but in the case of Nickelback, wouldn’t you rather have a good time than spend an hour listening to auto-tuned twelve-year-olds?

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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  1. Hey, Rebecca Black is 14… get it straight.

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