LIFE Lessons: Editing a Left 4 Dead 2 Video

So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen…I’m sure you have all heard and probably seen (if you haven’t GO WATCH THEM NOW!) my Left 4 Dead 2 Videos that I post on my YouTube channel. You all are probably going, “Well LIFE, I have seen them, but how do you make them?” The answer to that question my good friend is right here. Here is the process (a rough draft of it at least) of how I make my Left 4 Dead 2 videos. I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 by the way for my editing.

Step 1. First off you must record the content. The dialogue needs to be funny, and more importantly just enjoy yourself. Play with friends and just screw around and such and when you go back and watch the film you will see what is funny or not. So write it down folks. Play with your friends and record with a recording software such as Fraps or Playclaw. Hint: When you record, make sure the output file is going to a separate hardrive on what the game is actually installed onto. This helps your processors and other computing things.

Step 2. This is one of the longer steps mainly because you have to look through the whole entire film and pick out what clips you think were funny and such. Now cutting the clips, matching the audio up (if it messes up in the recording process), and making that badass intro that you guys love so much is fun and all but it does take a long time. I hope you guys appreciate me 🙂

Step 3. God do I hate this process…This step is where I put the subtitles into the video. It takes a long time and quite frankly is the bane of my existence. I hate this part more than anything, and things get a little difficult if everyone talks at once. However, adding a text to the video, deciding where you want the text to be (at the bottom of the screen for me), and just typing it in is easy. Now we are all human so typos are going to happen. My advice to you is to get a friend to watch the video with everything finished before rendering it out. I find that they find (can I use find twice…oh well) more mistakes than I do rather than when I watch it. Also, here is where you put in pictures and such. Remember, diligence!

Step 4. This step includes the whole process of proof…watching? Editing the actual film by color correcting, sharpening, etc. This is an easy process and quite frankly the quickest I suppose. After that you are basically finished.

Step 5: RENDER THAT MUG OUT! My computer takes about 15-30 minutes for one of my Left 4 Dead 2 videos depending on how long it is, how much dialogue and text is in there, and the quality of the actual footage/audio. This is the easiest part because you just sit there! Yay!

When it’s all said and done make sure you do it for fun. I have like 23 subs on YouTube and by no means is it huge, but I edit these videos (average video takes about 6 hours) for my own enjoyment and for the people that do watch and find my videos funny, awesome, epic, etc. Hope you guys enjoyed this post of LIFE Lessons and I will see you all next week! SC2 IEM NYCC is upon us! See you all there!

Here is an example of what one of my Left 4 Dead 2 videos looks like in the editing process. This video is about 1/4 of the way through.

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