Mecha Monday Week: Fansproject (Transformers)

Hey guys, it’s time for the second entry in the special “Week of Mecha Monday.”  Sorry it’s a little late…school has me swamped again.  Today’s topic is one that a friend of mine informed me of: Fansproject.  What is Fansproject? Here’s a description from their website (old site here):

Fansproject is a group of fans intending to serve the Transformer’s (TF) community around the world with better looking toys. Originating in June 2007, our goal is to provide TF fans with a wide variety of upgrades to enhance their current collection.

Operated by a group of fans that love toys the way collectors do, Fansproject has extensive experience in customizing and has worked in collaboration with toy clubs. Our very first creation, the Cliffjumper add-on set, was made specifically for Asia’s TF club. Since then, Fansproject has received support from fans to manufacture over 20 collector pieces.

With your support, we hope to continue to bring you high quality add-ons and collector sets in the future.

I was really intrigued when I found out about these guys, and I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with their work.  Their latest line of figures, dubbed “Causality,” is simply amazing.  What really had me giggling in delight was the fact that their “Causality” line featured their own versions of the infamous Insecticons.  Check out their pics below! Ninja Insecticons ftw!

Thundershred (G1 Shrapnel) and Stormbomb (G1 Bombshell) are available now. Backfiery (G1 Kickback) will be available soon.  You can get them at BigBadToyStore; you also might want to pick up the other two figures in the “Causality” line, Warcry and Flameblast.

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  1. Those all look pretty sweet, maybe I'll think about picking one up! I especially like Thundershred!

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