Fate/Extra English Release and Caster Figure!

Finally. I’ve been waiting forever for this, the English release of Fate/Extra.  First announced this summer at Anime Expo by Siliconera’s liveblog from the Aksys panel, Fate/Extra will makes it’s English debut on November 1st.  Sure it comes a whole year after the Japanese release (July 22, 2010), but we’re still getting it.  Pre-orders are up on Amazon and EBGames for the regular and limited editions.  The limited edition comes with a cool Saber Nero package, artbook, and soundtrack.  Also, if you order through EBGames, you’ll receive a special 20 page magazine called Fate/the Fact. Although I loathe doing so, I will order through EBGames just so I can get that magazine.  I am a collector, through and through.

For fans of Type-Moon, this is a special year. Carnival Phantasm madness is upon us, and with Fate/Extra and Fate/Zero coming this fall season (and premiering at NYCC/NYAF!), us fans will have plenty to do.  And for the cherry on top, there’s a figure of the Fate/Extra Caster servant of the protagonist, the nine-tailed fox Tamamo-no-Mae, coming out this November (which I’ve pre-ordered).  Oh, make that two cherries. Next spring will see the release of a “new” version (or possible sequel) of Fate/Extra in Japan called Fate/Extra CCC.  This one features a Saber Bride, and if you order the limited edition, you’ll get a Saber Bride figma.  Nice.

Can't wait to get my hands on this figure...so cute!

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