Scandalous Scenes in the New 52

I’m sure you comic fans have heard by now of some of the moar scandalous scenes in the New 52 run.  Silverwolf touched on it briefly in his recent review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, in which Starfire appears in a bikini.  Although he “railed against Starfire’s use as fan service, he won’t deny that she looked good.”  Here’s the scene in question:

Controversy also arose over the sex scene between Batman and Catwoman in Catwoman #1.  THE Fanboy SEO had a good article listing the pros and cons of the Catwoman issue.  Here’s the sex scene in all it’s glory:














Anyways, I just felt like posting this because I think it’s fucking awesome.  I’ve never been much of a DC fan, but these scenes have piqued my interest enough that I may pick up a few issues of the New 52 and see if the stories are actually good. Nonetheless, don’t expect any comic reviews from me.  Look to silverwolf for your comic fix.

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