Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition Is Here!

Ladies and gentleman, let the madness begin! On September 28th, Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition was made available in the DSi Shop and the 3DS eShop…for free! Anyone can download Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition for free until February 20th, 2012.  As detailed in this IGN article, Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is no mere port of the GBA version; it’s got a ton of added features, which makes this game an absolute must-have.  For starters, Nintendo has added a whole new single-player campaign for those of you without any friends.  In the single-player adventure, you’re accompanied by another Link with a different color hat; you can switch between the two with the L or R buttons, and you can use the call button to warp the other one back should he stroll off too far.

Reminds me of our playing days...bought this print at NYAF 2009.

Art by: Fenryk

As for the multiplayer adventure, Nintendo has added 2 new areas each with 3 levels.  I don’t know about you, but the multiplayer experience has always been the calling card for me when I think of Four Swords.  I remember the countless hours that my brothers, my cousin, and I used on that game (the Gamecube version).  I would play as Red Link, LIFE would play as Green Link, my youngest brother would play as Blue Link, and my cousin would play as Purple (LOL) Link.  I swear, we spent 3/4 of the time on that game griefing each other rather than finishing the levels.  But that’s why it was so memorable.  To this day, we still remember even the smallest of details due to the number of hilarious griefing incidents that occurred during our playthroughs.  The constant picking each other up and refusing to put each other down, the rupee stealing, the throwing of each other off cliffs, and of course the fire wand blasting (in which we would yell the famous Harry Potter spell “Expelliarmus!”) are but a few examples of the crazy things we did to one another.  Oh and how could I forget the cuckoo gathering mini-game? Classic.

 Art by: super-tuler and silverava

Art by: professorhazard

Last but not least, if you haven’t already heard of this series, then you should acquaint yourself with it immediately.  The series in question is “Four Swords Misadventures” by HadoukenDude. What started as a small project back in 2004 has turned into one of Newgrounds’ most famous series.  Click here to watch all the released episodes on HadoukenDude’s YouTube channel. I’ve also embedded the latest episode below. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm beyond excited for this. I always wanted to play Four Swords, but never got the chance.

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