LIFE Lessons: Why I Am Buying MW3 over BF3

So, ladies and gents. I am here today to talk to you, the audience reading this, why I am buying Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 by Activision and Infinity Ward (with Sledgehammer and Raven Software) over the highly anticipated Battlfield 3 by Electronic Arts and DICE. There are various reasons and some of them might sound silly to you and some (the BF3 fans) will call me insane but I am willing to tell you and more importantly here to tell you why I believe MW3 will be the better game. So, let us begin.

The first topic I wanted to touch on was the way producers make a game now. It used to be all done on the computer but now the new “cool” thing to do is produce and test it on the Xbox 360. This is primarily because the most sales come from the 360…I mean who can blame companies for wanting money, right? But anyways this is an issue because porting the game to the PS3 and the PC isn’t easy and can occasionally mess up the game. For instance, let us take a look at the Assassin’s Creed series. From what I experienced, the frame rate on the PS3 version of AC1 & 2 was extremely laggy as opposed to its 36- counterpart. This is a big problem and to be honest, BF3 ported onto the 360 looks pretty bad compared to a PC perspective. I mean 30 frames per second still? And don’t tell me it’s the lack of tech in the 360 because quite frankly it isn’t. The Call of Duty franchise has been running on 60 fps for the longest time and the so called “CoD killer” needs to be on par or better on ALL versions of the game.

Moving on, the second issue I wanted to talk about is the changes within MW3. Now we all know that MW2 was quite honestly a GREAT game not mentioning all the bad glitches, perks, death streaks, and certain explosive weapons. Just to list a few: Commando, One Man Army, Danger Close, noob tubes aka under-mounted grenade launchers,and the rock glitch in Fuel. To add on the terrible post release support of Infinity Ward with the game. All these put aside everyone (well almost I suppose) would agree with me that if these issues were addressed there is not doubt that MW2 would’ve been the greatest modern FPS. But quite frankly they didn’t support the game and it became the scapegoat for future shooters following it. Now we move on to what I want to say – Modern Warfare 3 has got everything right so far. As to what we have seen, the perks, kill streaks, death streaks, gun selection, etc have all been addressed with an added bonus of new content to the game. I personally am more excited than ever to play this installment of Call of Duty (hopefully they wait about 3 years to make a new one after this) because of the announcements made for it. Infinity Ward (with the help of fellow developing companies) has got their shit together and are taking the right steps into making Call of Duty MW3 the FPS game to play.

So I have talked about why I think MW3 is superior but you are probably wondering why I think BF3 is not. They have gotten a few things right but with those rights always comes some wrongs. Now they got the part of a beta down pact…but unfortunately the game has already been hacked and EA is already threatening to ban accounts. Now you are asking what have they hacked. People have already broke the BF3 coding and made their own servers for the game on the PC. EA is banning anyone who steps one foot into the game (the Origin account banning them from playing all other EA games). This shouldn’t be the hackers fault but DICE and EA’s fault for releasing something with a faulty code (yes you are proobably saying: “It’s a betaaaaaaa!!” but honestly…you should get these things right). But I am ranting too much so moving on…

One thing I have always complained about in ANY first person shooter is spawn locations. Now CoD can be bad in some maps but in BF3 the spawns are honestly god awful…more importantly they always have been in Battlefield games. They had enormous complaints from Bad Company 2 and they have had a completely NEW game (i.e. BF3) to address this but they haven’t. Things are still the same and spawn trapping will be spawn trapping. Also, the maps are enormous. Spawning does take some skill but the game is still broken where a spawn trap can take place. Also, the gameplay to me feels slow and I do not enjoy slow paced shooting games. Halo can be slow at some points but is usually pretty quick. Another major issue is the vehicles. They have always been a nuisance and continue to be one. One thing I must credit BF3 over MW3 is the scenery and the physics to the guns and environment. They are drop dead gorgeous and I can’t get over it…especially the guns.

And the final note I must say is that I am a Call of Duty fan. I started playing hardcore first person shooters when Call of Duty 4 came out and I believe that is when the “modern” generation of FPS players started. I hope everyone, including the BF3 fans, enjoyed this installment of LIFE Lessons and as always I will see you guys later.

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  1. So, I guess I can count you in for some Spec Ops: Survival?

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