Amagami SS Season 2 Announced

This is old news, but on August 13th, AIC announced that Amagami SS will be getting a second season.  As a huge fan of the anime, this is great news.  The first season of Amagami SS was based off a visual novel of the same name for the PlayStation 2 back in 2009.  The anime was split into 6 arcs each consisting of 4 episodes, with each arc representing a different route.  This was an interesting formula to use since in most romance anime, the protagonist ends up with the first girl introduced (the exception off the top of my head being the Shuffle! anime).  I enjoyed watching each alternate universe pan out, especially since I didn’t have the chance to play the game.  I would also recommend newcomers to anime to give this show a try because of this unique formula.  On a side note, one of my Japanese friends who did indeed played the game insists that the anime messed up Haruka’s character, which is why she hates the anime.  I believe her, but I still love Morishima-sempai!  In order of my favorite to least favorite: Haruka, Ayatsuji, Kaoru, Ai, Sae, and then Rihoko.  

This post wasn’t just to inform you guys of the second season (some of you probably already knew); it was also going to serve as a prediction for what kind of material the second season will cover.  AIC is taking a gamble by creating a second season; the first season was based off the game, which gave them ample source material.  The second season will be all their own ideas.  They’ve already proven they can come up with interesting ideas as seen in the 6 OVA’s they made for the show.  My best bet is that they’ll continue the same 6 arc format which proved so successful in the first season.  Each arc will feature Junichi and one of the six ladies continuing their relationship.  Here’s a rough outline for each arc:

  • Haruka–Junichi meets Haruka’s parents who are not accepting of him. We know they get married in the future, so I’m guessing it’ll show him proving to Haruka’s parents that he’s worth it.
  • Kaoru–Junichi begins to stress over supporting Kaoru since she must work so hard to help her mother.  This causes the relationship to become strained.  Kaoru’s mother is also weary of her daughter dating since she is overprotective due to being a single mother.
  • Sae–Everything is dandy at first, but the perception of Junichi dating a young, cute, and busty girl causes his peers to think weirdly of him (pervert!).  He tries to distance himself from Sae in public, which causes her feelings to be hurt.  Junichi must muster up the courage to realize that it doesn’t matter what others think, as long as they are happy.
  • Ai–Junichi helps Ai prepare for next year’s swimming meet.  However, she realizes that he is a senior and will not be around next year.  She begins to worry, which causes her to lose focus while training.  He also meets her brother, who becomes extremely jealous of the attention Junichi is receiving from his older sister.
  • Rihoko–She finally admits that she likes him -__-
  • Ayatsuji–Junichi tries to help Ayatsuji express her true personality in public.  Many of her peers, however, are not so receptive to the real Ayatsuji.  Backlash ensues.  She has an extremely tough time dealing with this and blames Junichi.  Junichi feels guilty for making her do so.  Ayatsuji’s older sister gets involved; she become closer with Ayatsuji by helping her cope and helps Junichi by getting him back together with Ayatsuji.
Now this is all just conjecture, my own ideas.  Most likely, they will do something that isn’t even remotely close to what I just said.  But it was fun coming up with the scenarios anyways.  Can’t wait for season 2!
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