Guoventures #7: GIF

Please excuse the lameness and n00bness of this GIF.

So for this week’s Guoventure, I gift you a GIF! This is the first GIF I’ve made in a while, so it’s pretty bad. But please bear with me?

Judge often mentions Jack Guo’s stench, and although this topic has so much potential, I didn’t think of making a Guoventures post about it until Life (Judge’s brother) brought up a situation in which Jack Guo didn’t smell. We laughed so hard at the moment, I can only hope that I can somehow convey a tenth of the hilarity through my GIF.

Although, come to think of it, I used to keep a record of each time Jack Guo showered. I wonder whatever happened to that…

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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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