LIFE Lessons: Starcraft 2 Is Unbalanced? I Think So

The text speaks for itself. *drewbie* -"well how would you have played it?" *idra* - i wouldn't play terran cuz i have self respect"

So here we are again. 168 hours later. I am writing another post. Now last week I did a MW3-BF3 comparison/ contrast/ whatever you want to call it. This week I am here to discuss Starcraft 2 because my mind has been on it with the IPL3 that occurred this past weekend and MLG Orlando and IEM NYCC occurring this weekend. I am here to write about the unbalance issues in StarCraft 2. Let us begin.


Now it seems to me that the people at Blizzard have a thing for the Terran players out there because they continue to help the Terran players (*cough*the Koreans*cough*). Now personally I don’t mind if they help the Koreans but come on…give the BROtoss some slack man. As a Korean, I love seeing them win…but kind of die inside when I see a BROtoss lose. I just have one thing to say now that the Patch 1.4 nerfed the hellion play: NERF THE  GHOSTS. I mean come on…4 spells? Snipe, EMP, Cloak, and nuclear missles (is this considered a spell?). Now sniping is somewhat overpowered. Dealing x amount of damage regardless of armor to biological units? I mean come on. In combination with the cloaking, it is almost impossible to stop and focus fire in a huge engagement. The cloaking I see no problem with because all good players have detection late game. Moving on we have the EMP…this is questionable but as a Protoss player I hate it. 3 well placed EMPs wreck a Protoss army because it drops all shields and gets rid of all energy.  This means sentry force fields and guardian shields as well as all high templar feedbacks and psionic storms, which are oh so necessary in attacking and being successful in destroying a Terran army, are rendered useless. Another thing that kind of bothers me is mass marauders with ghosts and aerial support (vikings). A few EMPs on the army and vikings sniping out the colossus is game over for a Protoss player. That is the end of my Terran imba rant. Moving on!


Now the swarm was the most underpowered race in the game until recently. The emergence of infestor play and the new “Stephano zergling-infestor-ultra” play has revolutionized the meta game of Zerg. To be honest, I have little to complain about the swarm, but the fact still remains is that, until recently, ZvT has been severely 1 sided. I am sure that will change when the Terran with their vast tech choices will have an answer to the new Zerg meta game. The infestors with their recent nerf of their neural parasite in terms of the range has greatly balanced the game in my opinion. Also, the build time to the ultras has decreased, so that has put more of a balance to the swarm meta game as well. Now I am sure there are plenty of unbalanced issues out there,  but in my eyes, the swarm is set. The players are the ones needing to step up now.

RACE 3 – PROTOSS aka BROtoss

Now for my specialty. The BROtoss. They are MASSIVELY UNDERPOWERED. And here is why. TvP = EMP on the BROtoss army with marauder support. gg no re. Yeah you can try to feedback the ghosts but honestly the speed on the high templar vs. the ghosts is just to vast. ZvP = fungal growth on the protoss ball with zergling support to swoop in and take out your army = gg no re. I find it very difficult to blink while fungal growth is on my stalkers. Why can’t I? The world will never know…except for Blizzard, but honesty, it is sad to see the Korean Protoss players depressed about the game because of the unbalanced issues. Now the way I see it is that the Mothership is key in these match ups, but what does it take to get a mothership? Well let’s see: 800 minerals and gas, 8 population, and a Stargate and Fleet Beacon tech.  That is a lot to get. Yeah the play styles in each race differ, but man oh man is it hard. My fix you ask? Mothership = 0 minerals and gas and maybe, just maybe allow stalkers to blink away from 5 billion zerglings running at them…and maybe increase high templar speed or even the range of the feedback spell…I mean come on…they are sooooo slow even against infestors.

Well it has been a joy to discuss this and I will see you guys later! This has been LIFE and have a nice day.


  1. You're insane. The Protoss are overpowered. EMP – It doesn't follow units. So as the enemy army moves, it moves off the area of effect. EMP is not as easy as you think to use. When it works, sure it's devastating and it should be…But it's not over for Protoss if they are EMP'd you retreat and try again. A single zealot can take on 2 or 3 marines too. I know everyone says Protoss cost more, but they also rake in money faster AND they have the chronoboost. So if it's a straight up marine vs. zealot (and stalkers and marauders) then Protoss WILL win if you go toe to toe. The only chance outcome comes into micro and when you start putting in medivacs and the Protoss shield guys. Then of course voidrays and carriers and you have no chance. The problem is you can build things too fast in the game. Same can happen for any race really. Zerglings, Banshees, etc. They all have the cheese. The game creators of SC2 did an amazingly poor job. The pathfinding in the game gets in the way a lot and you can lose games because of units being confused. So there's bugs. Blizzard has some talented programmers, but the thought that went into the game and small balances they make are super questionable. You're totally right. I think a lot of their decisions come from the matches that Koreans have and the huge gaming industry overseas. They are basically changing the game and adjusting based on what happens on these televised events that have cash prizes even. Unfortunately the game is left open to a number of exploits. Truthfully, they should make it so that you can't cross half the map in the first 5 minutes or something. With any more than X number of units (for scouting) or something. Yesterday someone took all their workers and distracted us, stopped our building process, attacked our workers we had no choice and had to attack back. However, that left this guy's buddies (3v3 game) to build up and we couldn't. Game over. Then of course you know about zergling rushes, etc. At least zealot and marine rushes don't have games over in as little time…But everyone typically builds a single (or two) type of unit and that's it. The game does not condone varying your army and it's not inventive. Command & Conquer was always a better series of game and was much more balanced. It was also more enjoyable to play.

    • I don't play Starcraft, but you might want to look at the date of the article. Don't know when the latest "balance" update was. LIFE has been on a hiatus so I don't think he can respond to your comment. He's too busy playing Starcraft…lol

    • Also, just curious but what league are you in?

    • 1) I do know how hard it is to EMP, I play all three races broseph.

      2) Mauraders beat Stalkers even with micro. They are the counter to Stalkers because of the additional damage against amored units (Stalkers) and Marines beat a flock of Zealots with charge hands down.

      3) You said the pathfinding is poor? Clearly you never played Broodwar because THAT pathfinding was poor. You want a better system for it but that's basically saying you want the game to do everything for you. There would be no point and NO SKILL involved if that were the case.

      4) Cheese is a part of the game sad to say. And knowing how to defend against cheese is a skill you acquire, not sure what league you are in but there are ways to stop cheese.

      5) Team games are meant to be fun. Not played like 1v1 super try hard mode.

      6) When you got attacked by the workers you never heard of multitasking and building units, tech, etc while fighting off probes and microing your own workers? Get on my level son and then come talk to me.

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