Guoventures NYCC/NYAF Double Comic Special feat. Fei-ventures

I was sitting seiza style because my socks didn't match my outfit.

So last week was NYCC/NYAF. There really wasn’t enough marketing towards NYAF in my opinion, but otherwise I was happy with how the convention turned out. They opened up a lot more of the Javits Center, so it was much roomier at this year. However, NYAF was entirely secluded on the 4th floor, I’m not sure if even half the people at the con knew about it. Thus, this year’s Artist Alley attendance was surprisingly female. Which was an awkward experience for me at least. I sorta just sat there, with the figurative sweatdrop, as hoards of girls, or hoards of otaku with their girlfriends walked by me and stared both judgingly perhaps also disapprovingly at my boobalicious-woman prints. I’m really surprised I broke even.

That aside, Jack Guo also went to the con. Although he didn’t cosplay, it would’ve been funny if he did. This is just one of the hilarious situations that could have occurred but never did.


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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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