Guoventures #9: Guovengers Assemble!

Silverwolf as Captain America, Judge as Hawkeye, SIYM1207 as the Hulk, Jack Guo as Thor, LIFE44 as Iron Man, Pluffei as Black Widow

Hey all, sorry “Guoventures” is a little late, pluffei had no internet, and I’ve been slow to get it up for her.  As you know, the highly anticipated The Avengers movie is coming next May.  A trailer was finally released a few days before NYCC.  A few of the actors even showed up at this year’s con.  Chris Evans (Captain America) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) were the two main attractions.  A fellow con goer and totally awesome person named Meg (follow her on Twitter!) was lucky enough to nab Evans’ signature.  So jelly.  Anyways, to celebrate The Avengers here on Moar Powah, we turned each staff member into one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Yes not every staff member is present; there are only 6 heroes in the film, but we plan on turning the rest into members missing from the film.  Can you guess which Avengers the following staff members will be depicted as? Check back here over the week to find out!

  • Laevatein– will be revealed Wednesday
  • Inverseman– will be revealed Thursday
  • Reiko — will be revealed Friday
  • Starshine5050 — will be revealed Saturday
  • Cheshire — will be revealed Sunday
Also, if you haven’t by now, watch the trailer and IGN’s Rewind Theater of it. Awesome stuff!



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  1. Thoraxe the Impailor

    You should consider bringing an artist on board, Kwan.

  2. SO EXCITED 🙂 Pluffei did such a good job!!!!! 🙂 SO MAD EXCITED!

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