SIYM Presents: Project Warpath Update #2

Launching: 11 / 8 / 11

Good evening/morning Powah Playas! Hope everyone’s Friday has been as ideal as ever. Time for an update!

Next Tuesday (as in 11/8/11) Project Warpath will commence! Here’s the rundown: Every time a Warpath candidate launches, a “first impressions” will soon follow on Friday (presented by yours truly). Then, the following Thursday will be review time! While my “presentations” will have a more personal favor, the reviews will be clean and objective. At the end of it all, I will compose a “Field Report” which essentially details all the carnage. Winners and losers included. And yes, I fully expect Mass Effect 3 to fly circles around all involved. But hey, you know what’s better than being proven right? Being wrong! Absolutely. I would love to be sitting in my gaming throne thinking “derrrrrr, Moar Mass Effect!!!!” and then {insert proving-me-wrong game here} comes along and slaps me across the face with an even more epic experience. As unlikely as I think that will happen, I would most definitely love to see it.

So, raise your drink of choice (juice right?) and here’s to your champions:

1) Modern Warfare 3 (11/8/11)

2) Saints Row the Third (11/15/11)

3) The Old Republic (12/20/11)

4) Bioshock Infinite (2012 / TBA)

5) Mass Effect 3 (3/6/12)

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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