SIYM Presents: How to Make Bank in PAYDAY

Why so serious?

Greetings Moar Powah! SIYM1207 here bringing you the latest edition of “SIYM Presents,” and this time it’s Payday!

PAYDAY: The Heist is a cooperative first-person shooter that released this year on October 20th (for PC) and the time I’ve had with the product thus far has been very positive. The game is extremely fun to play and even better with 3 other friends. The action is nothing short of heart-stopping (especially on the upper difficulties). The gameplay is surprisingly varied with multiple objectives at hand while keeping on track with the main mission. The progression and upgrades could almost rival Call of Duty in the plethora of way one can go about building a better heist-man. And to top it off, there’s already DLC coming down the pipeline in the not too distant future. Sounds wonderful huh? Haha, WRONG!!!

Truth is, PAYDAY is brutal. It’s not a learning curve, it’s a WALL! The game doesn’t have any sentiment to newcomers. Especially those noobs that jump right in and take on the hardest difficulty (“overkill”) without hesitation. I can assuredly say (from experience) that’s a horrible idea. Oh alright, it’s not that bad, but having gone through the initial paces of duck-cover- and duck some more, I thought I’d lend a hand to my fallen comrades and offer 3 quick tips on how to be a better menace of society. Enjoy!

Don’t just sit there!

1) Go Go Go! = This may sound like a no-brainer but player movement can be the difference between making bank or doing time. Once a heist starts, you have a certain amount of time to do things like take care of objectives, clear the area of opposition, grab hostages, reduce police intel, etc… However, eventually a police “assault” (a duration of armed forces spawning numerously around your location) will occur and thus starts the true PAYDAY. While these “assaults” may seem like fun at first to tear up with your friends, they can quickly become very out of hand.

The most frustrating aspect of the assaults is that they usually last way too long. Even if you survive wave after wave, there’s usually plenty of enemies leftover to deal with and (before you know it) another assault will begin. You and your buds may find some awesome spots to post up in, but you have to keep moving forward. If you let yourself get pinned down for too long, the amount of enemy reinforcements will soon get so ridiculous that mounting a comeback against a fleet of deadly-accurate law-enforcers starts to seem futile. True, rushing a game can lead to breaking the immersion factor and (commonly) can get your face blown off but playing conservative and hovering in one area thinking an end will come to all the madness is just insane. MOVE!

BOOM! Headshot!

2) Go for the head! = Another no-brainer, but it’s really worth mentioning how much more effective and resourceful it is to intentionally go for headshots in this game. Not only will you be more successful on the battlefield, but it can also mean the difference between running out of ammo and having just enough to finish the mission.


3) Put in the time! = Normally, most games have progression trees for aesthetics and you can pretty much use any setup you choose and do just as well as with everything else. NOT. SO. With PAYDAY. You HAVE to rank up! If you stop and bullshit around, you will have a most unpleasant time playing this game. You’re not limited just to weaponry, you’re limited all over. Right from the get go: Low health, low damage, low ammo, crap weapons, and no means of support. It can be a lengthy process to rank up, but to step into a heist with a setup you prefer and have slightly more bullet-resistance than a piece of paper will turn this cooperative playground into so much more.

So yeah, 3 quick tips on how to tackle PAYDAY: The Heist. Hope you guys enjoyed it and be sure to tune in next week for the Project Warpath kick-off! With special guest, Modern Warfare 3!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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